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The P3 million Globe bill statement, this time it’s not fake

What would you do if after you got home from your trip abroad, you found your mobile phone bill amounting to more than 3 million pesos? Anyway, this is what happened to a certain Elmer de Guzman when he received his Globe billing statement amounting to a staggering Php3,272,623.38 after coming back from a long trip abroad. Here’s what he posted on his Facebook page.


Now before you say that it’s photoshopped, here’s the breakdown page. Click to zoom in.


According to the breakdown page, majority of the amount was due to the high volume of bandwidth consumed charged by DU Telcom of UAE. The highest two being over P500k for almost 2GB worth of data with each session that ran for almost 24 hours. I guess it’s being used as a WiFi hotspot shared to other devices.

Well I guess now we know how expensive data is in Dubai. But here’s the kicker, Elmer subscribed to Globe’s BDUP or Bridge DataRoam Unlimited Plus which for just $55, you can enjoy 5 days unlimited mobile surfing in select partner telcos of countries, DU Telcom of UAE included. Before you say maybe his subscription didn’t activate, well he was charged for it by Globe.


I’m not sure if Globe’s Fair Usage Policy is at work here but if Globe, according to their site, says you can “œGo unlimited on Facebook, Twitter, email, and web browsing while travelling abroad. No surprises, no bill shock!”, you just have to take their word for it right?

I’m sure Globe will do the right thing here and reverse the charges by DU Telcom as far as mobile internet is concerned. There’s still the P400k Roaming Call charges Elmer has to worry about though.

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  • Richard Salvador

    Globe, Making Things Possible!

    • Dingkidoo

      Grabe naman ito. Yes i agree Globe is making ALL Things Possible. BOYCOTT GLOBE!

      • daisy

        well ganyan din nangyari sakin..paulit2 lng na fix fix fix walang katapusan..ganun parin….globe ano ba?sana naman ma feel nyo ang mga pairamdam ng mga taong stress sa kakaisip at perwesyo nito sa buhay namin.

  • wert303b

    For the one case that I know, the amount was waived by Globe, but the account holder had to go through the stressing Globe process just to undo something that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. All in all, hassle!

    • amgd

      The same thing happened to me. Registered to the promo (bridge data roam), they billed me the promo and yet they charged me 300k.

      After 3 painstaking months of every day followup, they undo it.

      Super Hassle!

      • Kyle

        Care to share how you did it? My dispute is ten months old!!! They only keep telling me they’re checking on it. They’ve given me so much stress. Pasko na wala pa rin!

  • Oh My God, Globe is really making impossible things possible. This is the biggest upset so far for the person involve in this dilemma.

  • Joylene

    i experienced this last january when i went to a 4-day trip to HK, 7k for roaming, 5k for the internet charges, aside from my monthly fixed bill… nabwisit talaga ako

    • Jomelyn

      it happened to me too last march, we also went to HK for 8 days, day before we come home globe is already texting me to pay half of my total due up to that day amounting already to 8k… whoah… the next day we came back, they are already billing me 10k, i was asking for the billing statement, sadly they could not even give me a copy, why the hell would i pay when they do not even know what are they charging me of… its almost a year now, still i cannot even generate a billing statement online for that particular month

  • EJ

    lesson learned do not bring your phone when you go abroad.. or you may want to convert it first to a roaming data plan.

    • Griswold

      yun nga ginawa nya… nagsubscribe sya sa “unli kuno” international data roaming. wala rin. hahaha.

      • I don’t want to rub it in Elmer’s face, but what do you need data roaming for? I can understand call-and-text roaming (especially text roaming), but data roaming? Just use WiFi. If it’s scarce, get yourself an unlocked MiFi and a local SIM card

        • raymond

          it doesnt matter and it is no one’s business to ask what he needs the roaming for. even if he doesn’t need it and he subscribed for it, still it’s no one business because that is not the issue here. the issue is how scrupulous globe is coming up with bait and catch schemes with their “too good to be true”, “make it appear there’s no hidden charge”, “we wont disclose until you ask us about it” promos and fees.

        • That Guy

          WiFi in Dubai is really scarce. And maybe Elmer didnt know about the MiFi thing?. Just my two cents.

  • edsar

    Actually even now sa akin laging meron over charge sa data meron talagang topak ang bagong upgrade nilang billing system

  • nangyari din ito sa wife ko but before sya umalis nag subscribe sya sa isang service ng globe where in she can use data service outside the country. then pag balik nya after 1 month nagulat sya 100k! un bill nya sa globe because of the bridge something. buti na lang di nya pa nabubura un text sa kanya ng globe na naka avail sya ng ganon service. ayun di nya binayaran pero i took her 3months to clear everything in her bill .. ilan beses din na redirect un phone nya dahil for 3months di ma clear ng globe un 100k na yun sasabhin lang ng customer support nila ok na then babalik na ulit un line nya tapos after how many weeks redirected ulit. galing galing kasi ng globe…

  • globesax

    tapos me tatawag sayong atty. from their legal dept. or collection agency tapos tatakutin ka at haharassin ka na kapag hindi mo binayaran ay kakasuhan ka at pwede kang makulong, E sa kanila naman me problem. I’ve experienced that!. Sorry for the term pero F*** *** ka Globe

    • uu may tatawag na legal office pero sa akin, 1600 lang… shet for 1600 lang mag attoreney pa? bwesit. galing manakot, akala yung utang 500k yun pala less than 2k lang. globe should not give their unsettled accounts to legal offices kasi magaling mang harass sila.!!!

      • Prime Ramos

        Pag sinabing lawyer sila, ask for their roll number and complete name.

  • Thor

    Nabuwisit nga ako 1 month wala akong service tapos may bill pa rin. Eto pa kaya? 3 million? Baka ma heart attack ako sa galit. Mga CSR nila walang kwenta. Tatawag ka sasabihin sayo ganito ganyan, ang gaganda ng sinasabi yun pala parang wala din. They should start changing their “Customer Service” hotline name into something more fitting.

  • Mae

    Guys check niyo, this is a corporate account. Hindi impossible na they rake up 3M.

    • Ms. D

      Kahit na ano pang klaseng account meron ka, hindi possible na umabot ka sa 3million. Another thing, para saan pa na nag-subscribe sya sa BridgeDataUnlimited kung aabot ka din naman ng ganyan kalaking bill. Wag na mag-subscribe diba? This is bullshit. Mas malaki pa nga ang charges ng calls pag naka BDU ka. Globe will send you a text message asking you to manually connect to their partner network sa country na yun if not you will be charged every time na madetect ng phone mo ang ibang network. Yun pala modus nila yun para maging Php160/min ang incoming calls mo. Regardless kung missed call ito ha?! At isa pa, yung text messages nila sayo na pagkaa-haba haba pati na yang rewards na yan ay sayo naka-charge! Kakainis talaga.

      • pat

        then cut your globe plan and transfer to another network. its just that easy, also, it is not just a corporate account, it is a travel agency. hence, it is highly possible that the usage is business related

  • mar d comanda

    I happened to me when i went for a 2-week vacation to AU. 180k on my billing for data charges. I had to contest it with an argument of credit limit. It was 18x more than my limit. They could have cut the service when it was just, at least a little over the limit.

    • ann

      hi. Same thing happened to me. 5 hours lang ako sa Australia airport, and paminsan minsan nagchecheck ng mails ko, umabot ng 12k!

      the agent in globe just texted me that they will not waive the fee and that they can’t do anything about it. my total bill was 19k, eh 1k lang ang credit limit ko.. wtf diba

  • erin

    well, ngyari sa friend ko toh, sakin 60k sakanya 100k, then i thought para san pa ang limit ng globe?50k lang limit ko, so lumampas ako, dba automatically sasabihin dapat nla na over na yung usage ko.??

  • Globe needs money for bonuses, extravagant christmas party and perks. so there goes your 3 million ^_^

  • A

    Actually, voice and data charges in the UAE are cheaper than the Philippines. Also, the service overall is better i.e. faster and better signal. I also don’t know how you can consume 2 gigs in a day unless you were dowloading some humongous file.

  • Ang globe ang pinakapangit na service. Actually all networks..but worst ang globe followed by sun.

    Ang pangit nang customer service. Poor signal almost everywhere. Always offline if nagbabayad ka. Incompetent representative even the manager. Very poor customer service. I can’t imagine until now nag.operate parin sila. So far, in a service industry, out of 10, I will rate them -5. Super bagsak.

    No willingness to change.

  • marsha

    Just stick with prepaid. Developed and rich countries abroad has wifi everywhere with strong connections. May even be faster than Globe.

  • Ace Ople

    I guess their slogan is right: The #PowerOfOne to move millions.

    Very appropriate! #GlobeSABAW

  • x

    Lesson learned: kill data services before going out of the country.

    • passer-by

      correct, most bundled data promos are valid in the ph only, tas data bundles to be used abroad are charged differently plus may roaming charges pa!

      in trips abroad, we’ve either stuck to free wi-fi anywhere or brought with us an unlocked phone then used it with any of that country’s prepaid sims and data bundles :3

  • Kaya ako everytime na lumalabas ako ng bansa lagi ko tinatake off ang simcard ko mahirap na magkacharge ng ganyan di bale ng sasagap ng lang ako ng wifi sa hotel at mga restaurant wag lang mag ka bill ng ganyan…over a month away luckily 3.7k lang ang bill ko! Since I never trust their data roaming… hope you guys do the same pra na rin walang stress na bill pag balik ng pinas 🙂

  • Tessa A Napa

    My sister got the same experience billing over Php 13,000.00 at nasa Pilipinas lang siya ha? Hindi siya pala tawag nor using internet that much, Tingin ko din the posssibility is if you’re using iphone kung hindi mo alam ang pasikot sikot ang pag off ng data roaming, magbboost up ng ganyan. Ang explanation yan is once you turned of your wifi, magiging automatic mag-on un data roaming for internet. Pero 3m???? Wow ano hocus pocus yan? Mas maganda wag ka na lang mag aaply ng ganyan kasi hughblood talaga aabutin mo.

    Service ng globe? Pinaka-F nangyari sa akin is i was in Europe for 3 weeks, someone’s calling me,, i kept rejecting kasi hindi ko recognized yung call. Until cellphone na un tumawag sa akin. Then they said na its globe telecom. Sabi daw may outstanding balance ako ng 15k. Sa isip isip ko wala naman problem since i’m using their services, like calling and texting…. Eto lang ako nawindang, at the end of conversation ang sabi sakin “SA AKIN UN CHARGED YUNG ROAMIN CALL NG GLOBE CUSTOMER SERVICE!” Ay dun ako nakipag away, tatawag tawag sila tapos sa akin un charge yun tawag nila?!

    • telcoguy

      When you accept calls abroad you pay for the leg outside of the caller’s home network. Bulk of the call will be shouldered by you. This is true for all networks.

      • piichan

        pero yung issue dun e tumawag yung cs ng globe to inform you na meron kang mataas na running balance tapos dadagdagan pa na ikaw magbabayad nung tawag na yun.

        rubbing salt to the wound. dapat gawing toll free pag cs nila ang tumatawag sayo.

  • Tessa A Napa

    My sister got the same experience billing over Php 13,000.00 at nasa Pilipinas lang siya ha? Hindi siya pala tawag nor using internet that much, Tingin ko din the posssibility is if you’re using iphone kung hindi mo alam ang pasikot sikot ang pag off ng data roaming, magbboost up ng ganyan. Ang explanation yan is once you turned off your wifi, magiging automatic mag-on un data roaming for internet. Pero 3m???? Wow ano hocus pocus yan? Mas maganda wag ka na lang mag aaply ng ganyan kasi hughblood talaga aabutin mo.

    Service ng globe? Pinaka-F nangyari sa akin is i was in Europe for 3 weeks, someone’s calling me,, i kept rejecting kasi hindi ko recognized yung call. Until cellphone na un tumawag sa akin. Then they said na its globe telecom. Sabi daw may outstanding balance ako ng 15k. Sa isip isip ko wala naman problem since i’m using their services, like calling and texting…. Eto lang ako nawindang, at the end of conversation ang sabi sakin “SA AKIN UN CHARGED YUNG ROAMIN CALL NG GLOBE CUSTOMER SERVICE!” Ay dun ako nakipag away, tatawag tawag sila tapos sa akin un charge yun tawag nila?!

  • littlemisskk

    ganito din ung nangyari sa pinsan ko nung nag vacation kami sa singapore, 100,000 plus ung naging bill nya. pero nung nasa SG kami nag register sya sa bbm unli sa globe. we don’t know what happened. 20 days lang kami dun so paano lalaki ng ganon un?. ung bill ko nsa 2k lang dahil sa call and text. pero 100,000? imposible. my tita who live in SG only pays 5k a month. tapos kami vacay lang 100,000 kagad sa pinsan ko? then inayos ng tita ko. naging 10k na lng. what the heck?!

  • sherlockholmes

    actually, kahit missed call (like sa smart) may charge. kaya ung kakilala ko nung nagpunta ng south africa, naka call blocked sya. text lang. also, if u don’t want to use your mobile phone abroad, don’t subscribe to roaming. when I was in turkey for 2 weeks business trip, I never subscribed for roaming. I just use the hotel’s wifi and computer stations for my browsing needs. may balance ka na need I maintain din if I am not mistaken.if magstay longer abroad, just buy their local sim. 🙂

  • Mel

    When travelling abroad with your phone it’s best to get a local prepaid SIM card whenever possible. When I traveled to the US earlier this year, I avoided roaming altogether and just got an AT&T prepaid SIM. For just $60 I got one whole month of unlimited calls (within the US), text (US and international) plus 2GB of data. Actually I hardly used the data as Starbucks provides fast and free wifi connection at their US stores:-)

  • Grabe naman ang bill na yan…

  • Jim

    Globe systemically overcharges, hoping that people will not check their bills carefully, or will just write off the extra cost because it takes hours to fix it. Some examples: not activating unli- plans so they can bill for calls made, double billing for texts that are sent multiple times, and like this one charging for data overages under “unlimited data plans.” Their billing system is intentionally aimed to increase charges. If this happened in the US, there would be a class action suit. But since consumers here do not work together they are helpless to fight against their illegal practices. Any lawyers out there? Might be a good fight to take them on. If you do, count me in!

    • Chris

      Hey jim can you at least be the common sort of organizer for these folks. Post a common email then pool together all these people.in terms of lawyer, there’s plenty.ask up law profs.i know of someone who would be interested in something like this, chito avecilla, but i dont have his contact number.he’s a prof at up college of mass comm.malay mo, you guys can even get to earn for the “damaging” hassle

  • Marty

    Globe is full of surprises. I had the same experience whilst abroad in Canada, they charged me for 2hr phone call I never made. Both my phone and the recipient’s phone history only showed a total of 2 mins for that said call. Took them almost 2 month to reverse the charges. Of course my phone got redirected and it was such a hassle cause it was during the holidays.

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one having this problem. I am now SERIOUSLY considering cutting off my globe line after so many years of chalking up their poor customer service 🙁

  • Wonderful Globe

    What about the monthly limits?

    Doesn’t Globe provide a “credit limit” for post paid lines?

    If they do, shouldn’t a subscriber be prevented from using the service further once he or she reached the limit?

  • I cant understand why people still bother bringing with them their postpaid sims abroad and risk this kind of trouble! There are tourist sim cards, y’know! Its even cheaper than subscribing to ur local provider’s roaming services!

  • Fred

    asa pa tayo sa Globe. For me, they charged 20K for an iPhone that they sent to another person. They cannot even show any authorization ID or anything.

    Globe has the worst after sales service.

  • kat

    mine’s quite different.

    i enrolled my globe number to bdo’s online auto-payment. given that. i am paying my bills hassle free because i hated going to the bank. come march-april of 2013, they say they had system upgrades of some sort so i did wait but had bdo continue auto-remittance. june 2013, they started releasing billing statements and suprisingly it appeared that i had not paid any of those months since march to may when it was clearly stated in bdo’s report and online payments that i have been remitting money. i called their cx and said to wait for 2-3 billing for everything to be corrected. as advised by my mother, i should stop paying for the mean time until they settle their account. september 2013, 3 months billing as advised, they were charging me 12k pesos with no note of the payments i made. i called cx again and i demanded a report of my payments for those months; however, the stupid cx and her manager, just re-printed all my billing statements, which only showed the same thing — no payments from me. i had bdo’s report and i provided it. they say they’d check it. until now, nadda! just the cotinuous roll of billing statements that keep of growing.

    seriously they should shut down that company. i thought i was the only one experiencing this concern with billing but almost all of my colleagues who have globe lines are having the same issues.

  • That f*cking ZTE deal, na corrupt na yung budget for us Filipinos na magkaron ng murang Internet service. Kaya antatapang ng mga malalaking kumpanyang yan na maningil at mag set ng limit sa data nila dahil sa mga bobong opisyal ng gobyerno. Sa atin lng may ganto kamahal na internet service! Pati ang SMART merong FUP(Fair Usage Policy) at pag tumwag ka sa CSR Hotline nila, pati sila d masagot kung hanggang saan ung cap ng internet mo, depende raw un sa usage sa buong lugar nyo(WTF).

  • FRED T

    Thank God I stopped using globe and switch to another network.

    Although di perfect (no telecom company is) at least I can view my monthly bill and keep track of my expenses. Before my globe expired i had no idea what I was being billed for cause they were having “system upgrade” for more than 3 months! plus I was being charged with different “data” charges which i have not used at all. when I called the customer rep just said it was my fault.

    with my new network plan, i only had minor issues…

  • junjun

    buti nalang wala akong cellphone hehehhe

  • ronald

    grabe naman yan kalokohan yan bill na yan 3m san ka nakakita nang ganun db? kalokohan yan…

  • archie

    glitch lang yan kalokohan naman meron ganyan bill na 3m…khit anu gawin mo fake yan..kalokohan naman na ganyan yan…

  • rowena

    tama kalokohan naman may ganyan bill 3m halatang glitch lang yan..kung meron ganyan bill ang globe hnd na ilalagay sa bill yan kakausapin na mismo un subscriber nyan…grabe naman yan..

  • Enrico

    I experienced this twice with Globe. I regretted I paid for the first shock bill I had when I went to Indonesia for a business trip. I was charged 5K. When I asked Globe about it, they said it was about roaming. I blamed myself I did not turn off my cellphone during that trip. But lately, just last month, I went to Europe for a one month business trip. Considering that wifi is okay in Europe, I blocked calls and data roaming. When I came home last week, I received a call from Globe that my unfilled charge is 4K. How? I did not even call or access the net in phone? I texted only 10 times. So every text message sent is 400 pesos? I am still waiting for their detailed bill printout… it has been 3 days now after I complained. Their customer service is very slow and the agents are rude. RUDE.

    • shiela

      Same thing happened to me. I enrolled in their roaming plan when I went to Australia. When I got back home, I was shocked to saw that my bill reavhed almost 100k! And that was so impossible! I emailed them on this and even called up their customer service but told me that bill was accurate! To date, I haven’t paid my bill and just switched to SMART. Globe sucks so as their service. DOTC should investigate Globe on this…Nakakalampas kasi wala nag co-complain.

      I want to know the facebook account Of Elmer because I will definitely support him. Hope someone can give me link to his FB account. Thanks!

  • elmer

    kalokohan naman yan bill na 3m..halatang naninira lang yan..3m bill anu yan mall?

  • antivenom

    akala ko smart at sun lang ang mandurugas at magnanakaw. globe din pala!

  • andrew

    hnd naman siguro totoo yan ever since globe na ako kht nalabas ako iba bansa hnd nangyayari sa akin yan..halata na fake lang yan..

  • karen

    gawa gawa lang yan 3m bill?halatang fake lang yan walang ganyan bill ..grabe naman kalokohan yan edit na yan..

  • robert

    halatang glitch lang yan..kung tlgang ganyan bill nila na 3m pde naman yan na hnd nya bayaran..gusto lang tlga nila manira..kht isipin ko maige hnd tlga aabot bill nang ganyan 3m walang ganyan..

  • randy

    sure ako aayusin ito nang globe halatang glitch at paninira lang sa kanila ito isipin mo phone bill 3m?sino kaya maniniwala dito..anu un pati pag tulog at ligo nya natawag sya?

  • antit

    kalokohan yan..3m pon bill?wala nanaman magawa yan gumawa nyan kaya nag gaganyan na lang sino naman maniniwala sa kanya na pon bill 3m..

  • abner

    bill 3m?phone bill lang anu yan kalokohan na yan halatang halata na fake yan..dyos ko po..wala kau maloloko dito…

  • martyr sa globe

    Same case happened to me when i went to Hong Kong last June 2011. Globe charged me with P300k for just around three days, then cut off my line even when I was still there. Upon arriving here, called them up immediately then inquired about my line. They told me that my bill reached P30k only and have to pay half of it to reconnect my line. So paid for it! Then my July bill came and was deeply shocked that it amounted to 300k. My good friend advised me not to pay for it, instead ask globe to provide us with a very detailed info i.e., sites i checked while i was in hk, in my billing. It was a total hassle and stress for me dealing with globe. Funny that when we went to Globe Business Center in MOA, even their staff was surprised with my bill! Anyway, i just let them fixed it, sent emails to NTC reporting about it. Globe resolved my issue early last year. Pero yun nga, pinahirapan ka muna for ilang months because of their inefficiency. They asked me to pay a certain amount but I still insisted for a detailed info of it (around P7k?), then ayun until they just asked mo for the reconnection fee plus the amount of my plan, around P2500 na lang.

  • piichan

    wala pa bang nagdedemanda sa globe? sa dami na ng subscribers nila na nakakaranas ng billing errors na ganito kalaki, pwede na sila magsama sama at magfile ng kaso.

    madami na kasing balita, blog posts at iba pa pero di enough yun para may gawin ang Globe. di rin enough na isa lang ang magffile ng kaso kasi malaking corporation ang globe, they have enough money to pay their lawyers or pay for damages kung isa lang magrereklamo.

    just saying. bad business na kasi ang nangyayari, kelangan pa nila ihassle ang mga customers nila maski sila mali. tumaas na bp mo at lahat bago pa nila ayusin.

  • Same thing happened with me. Umabot ng 15k+ yung bill ko when I went to Thailand for 4 days. Dahil din daw sa data charges. Of course I contested that bill. Buti hindi inatake yung subscriber sa laki ng bill.

  • California

    next time don’t use roaming when you are traveling abroad..para walang problema. use only wifi signal sa smart phone. turn off cell connection network..just like computer so there will be NO CELL CONNECTION!!

  • Northstar

    I went to HK last July and I stayed there for 2 days. While I am still at the NAIA before flying I called globe to subscribe for the 3 day unli data. Bridging Data Promo only for 30 Dollars. I received the confirmation right away. I am not familiar with the sim cards in HK if they have data included like in Kuala Lumpur. So I have no choice but to use Globe promo. After few weeks I received my bill charging me of 20K for using internet in HK. I showed the text conformation and they have double check their system, I was subscribed. They said they will fix and delete the charges but until now 4 months it is still on my account. Buti nalang hindi ako nag Automatic Charge para sa monthly bill ko sa Credit Card ko.. kung hindi na thank you din ako ng Globe.

    • sporty

      Hi, can I have your mobile number maybe I can be of help.

  • bert

    Globe are capitalists that’s why. Also happens to my dad when we’re using tattoo.