The Palm Pre is here!

The Palm Pre goes on sale today via Sprint. Here’s a first-boot welcome video when you open the Palm Pre for the first time.

We can onyl wish the Pre would be available for GSM networks and be sold in the Philippines. Hopefully, maybe later this year.

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  • Holy cow!, that’s the opening video, on the phone? And the video shows an image of the phone as well? If only for that, I want, I want 🙂 On a more serious note, I find WebOS the most compelling reason for getting one. Think of how easy it is to develop apps for it. For the iPhone, you need the SDK *and* an Intel-based Mac. For Android, I think it’s Java, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but that’s not a skill that’s exactly in abundance. OTOH, WebOS apps are in HTML 5, which Web developers should find easy to pick up.

  • onat

    I do hope Smart picks Pre up. They had Treo before right?

    Anyone who brushes elbows with Smart people, give them a hint. 😉

  • I’m hoping it’ll be Red Mobile 🙂 Hey, I got 4 SIMs I haven’t been able to use yet.

  • Yes it looks gorgeous…. stunning. I love the keyboard too, like serious love. WebOS’s beauty rendered me speechless… the fonts, the shades, the colors, the smoothness…. everything about webOS is so neat and elegant. It makes Android look years behind… thanks to Android’s nerdy looks, fonts and colors (I’d love to change Android’s font to the Pre’s)

  • Iphone is still the best so far.. light years in design.

  • boowee

    akala ko naman Palm Pre is here… here in the Philippines… yung pala here in the world. hehehe.

    • rannie

      oo nga wla pa d2 sa pinas…..

  • chris

    I hope smart gets this Palm Pre! Palm is well known for it’s productivity especially for those people who needs to work on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations (powerpoint). I don’t like globe’s hidden charges. good thing the iPhone’s with them, never intended to get that very non-productive thing anyway.

  • rei

    this is the iphone killer.
    much me.

  • steve Buck

    Is there anyone still there?? Hopefully! Can the Palm Pre U.S. version be used in Philppines. I want to send my old phone to a friend there

    • as long as it’s unlocked then we can use it here. i’m not sure if our talented unlockers can unlock a WebOS phone.