The Quest for the Oldest Working ThinkPad

Do you think that your old, trusty ThinkPad has already served you well? Thinking that maybe it’s time for an upgrade? Well you’re in luck because to celebrate the 18th birthday of ThinkPad, Lenovo is on the quest for the oldest working ThinkPad in greater Metro Manila where the winner will receive a ThinkPad T410 laptop.

thinkpad quest

All you need to do is register at the Lenovo ThinkPad Quest site, and then upload photos or video of your old ThinkPad (e.g. 700, 701, 760, T, R, X Series) and share your remarkable experiences with it. Deadline of submission of entries would be on December 7, 2010.

10 entries will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Oldest working ThinkPad ““ 80%. Lenovo will initially determine which entry has the oldest working Lenovo ThinkPad laptop based on the model of the ThinkPad and how the laptop is running and working effectively as shown in the submitted photos/video.
  • Creativity of Photos/Video ““ 10%
  • Popularity (number of “˜votes’ your entry gets on the Lenovo ThinkPad Quest site) ““ 10%

Top 10 ThinkPad owners will gather in an event hosted by Lenovo, for the final judging. Each finalist should bring their ThinkPad entry for validation and final judging. The grand prize winner and two runners-up from the top 10 ThinkPad entries will be determined by Lenovo’s panel of judges.

Full contest mechanics of this contest can be found here. Better contact you IT department if they still have those old ThinkPads lying around.

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  • The link you posted points to a domain squatter’s site.

    • Jasmin Cagsawa

      Hi Deuts! Jasmin here. We are handling Lenovo’s microsite for this ThinkPad contest. Thanks for reporting the problem. The site is loading just fine on our PCs here but we are now looking into the problem to avoid similar experiences. In the meantime, please try to access this instead:

      • Marvin

        I’m having problems with the upload page, I tried to upload a .mp4 with 74mb but didn’t accept it as mp4..


  • Leonard Loh

    I am interested to join the quest for the oldest working ThinkPad but when tried to register by clicking the Lenovo ThinkPad Quest Site, I can’t find the registration area.

    • Jasmin Cagsawa

      Hi Leonard! Jasmin here. We are handling this contest for Lenovo. Thanks for your interest. Please visit and click the “Join Now” button to get started. Good luck!