The Smart Great Rebate gives you up to 35% off your monthly bill

Smart Communications just launched “œThe Smart Great Rebate” which allows you to save up on your monthly phone bill by giving you up to 35% off based on your tenure with them.

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This program should fit those who already have their desired handset and just want to go with a SIM-only postpaid plan on a 24-month contract. New subscribers will automatically get 25% off on their monthly bill.

It gets interesting for existing subscribers who wish to avail retention plans without wanting any new handset. Subscribers who have been with the network for 24 to 47 months will enjoy 25% rebates. Those who have Smart Postpaid accounts active from more than 47 months but less than 71 months are entitled to 30% rebates while owners of Smart accounts active for 72 months and up will enjoy the highest rebate rate of 35%.

“œThe 35% rebate can offer huge savings to a mobile subscriber,” said Carag. “œSuppose your total usage for the month is P1,800, a 35% rebate means you get to save P630, deductible to your next bill. Imagine how big your combined savings will be for the entire contract period.”

Aside from this monthly rebate, new and existing subscribers are also entitled to an additional P50 rebate which is made redeemable through Smart Rewards. Smart Rewards points are automatically earned for every bills payment. To register to the program, subscriber only needs to text REWARDS to 9800. Rebate redemption keyword is REDEEM 50, which must also be sent to 9800.

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  • MrT

    Now this is nice! Globe what’s your counter-attack to this?

  • arnelrtan

    globe sucks. .im on a plan 999 tattoo postpaid upgraded to tattoo wifi subscription but my first bill becomes 5,000+. .on the bill it charges me 600+ for VAT and additional 30% of my monthly recurring fee which is about 300. .and my account has not yet been settled for almost 3 months even if i paid an advanced payment of 7000. .their office only keeps saying that they’re working on it but until now its not yet finished. .been going to their office for more than 10 times with no result. .