The Strange Tale of Project David

Project David has had a controversial history with its fantastic claim of running Windows software on Linux without requiring a Windows license. The company once published a far out history of its product – now removed from the website. It got publicity and criticism from open source sites, local journalists, and local techies.

Now they are recruiting. What do you make out of this?

From: El Cid Ablang <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Cc: Benjie Henares <[email protected]>, Ronald Robin <[email protected]>
Date: Aug 10, 2005 6:18 PM
Subject: Technical Product Manager

Hello Everyone!

Did you know that SpecOpS Laboratories has a 3-month full time job offer for an aggressive and experienced Technical Product Manager who will have cross-functional oversight responsibilities towards the international launch of the DAVID software.

This is open to individuals and companies. For individuals, this can lead to permanent employment or, perhaps, the position of Chief Technical Officer (CTO) in the company. So, take advantage of this offer. The compensation package is not fixed yet but we invite you to discuss with us.

SpecOps Laboratories is about to launch an industry-shaking-product called David. When David takes off, the company and the various software products that we will be known throughout the world. Did you ever want to be part of a startup company, that became “big”, just like what Jobs and Gates did in the past? So, if you have the guts, the time, and want to be somebody or just need the extra revenue/funds…. send over your resume. If applicable, we will send the detailed work requirements for your review immediately if you respond to this email. And then, we just need two simple interviews from your valuable time and then its done.

Think about it…

El Cid Adrian Maximo S. Ablang

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  • Fleeb

    I’ve heard of Project David before but not of its history. During that time, I was not aware of WINE yet so when I heard about WINE, I was reminded of Project David. So this was their story, eh? It’s too much for bloated advertising.

  • darksparrow

    In Xandros Linux they use WINE

  • All I know Project David is that it became controversial for claiming to run windows applications on linux when in fact they are using WINE and is not making appropriate credit to WINE developers.

  • Hey, Migs, I thought they weren’t happy with the Filipino talents?! What in the world?

    I just read this article here.

  • r martin

    Haha,funny. I read sachas comment plus the funny…novelish history of specops… it reads like a fairy tale with a little bit of Spygame(ala James bond movie) except that no names were mentioned.. only words like:

    a, top computer scientist, friendly asset. hehehe

    A must read.

  • I admire the vision but they are sure in for a bad start. They should know how to talk about their stuff.

  • What project david was intent of doing is to ride on the FOSS popularity and hope it could get funding maybe thru IPO. Just a thought.

  • All of the literature in specops site is crap. This has been written by a marketing guy who is a nutshell in technology. They don’t even know how to install gentoo or LFS.

    Nobody from the real talented ones will join these bandwagon opportunistic obsoletes.

  • If these guys know what they are doing, they should not have the following doc. Ano connection ng xorg at wine? Sobrang crap! Kung pumili lng sila ng windowing toolkit for linux at some kernel interface layers baka pwede pa.

    SpecOpS Laboratories
    $10,000 Open Challenge

    SpecOpS Laboratories (SpecOpS Labs) invites the Philippine ICT
    Community to participate in the DAVID Project. We are seeking a highly
    talented Consultant or Consulting Team that can contribute to the DAVID

    SpecOpS Labs is searching the Philippines for Systems-Level
    Hacker/s to serve as Development Consultant to the DAVID Project. As
    proof or our sincerity, we are offering US$10,000.00* to the first
    Consultant or Consulting Team who can take our challenge and prove their
    capabilities. Our challenge requires the delivery of a solution that
    will allow an MS-XP compatible application to install and run under
    Linux using and open source WINE by October 5, 2005.

    So, take the challenge now!

    Criteria to Award and Conditions:

    1. System has no proprietary software imbedded / required.
    2. System is stable.
    3. MS-XP compatible modules / functions are working as expected.
    4. System becomes the property of SpecOpS Laboratories.

    Registration Procedure:

    1. Send us an Email indicating your intent to take up the challenge
    at [email protected]. Attach your CV(s) or company profile (if
    2. SpecOpS will Email you the Challenge Registration Form and
    further instructions.

    Challenge Activities:

    1. Present the running solution at SpecOpS Labs office before
    October 5, 2005.
    2. Validation of solution using SpecOpS Labs’s criteria.
    3. Award immediately.

    * All monies in this challenge are subject to tax. The decision of
    SpecOpS Labs for the award is final.

  • Tyler Ellis

    This has got to be the biggest load of crap ever!
    Total marketting, all hype, no science, all speculation. They are offering a CTO position? If the company was real, and stable the CTO guy would be the guy who was making the compatability solution a real one.

    I was really hoping that this would work out and provide windows aps on linux. So I was even spitting the hype about it. At worse case, I figured it was a case of stolen source, afterall windows xp source got leaked and a few international pirates out there would rip it, then re-code the basics, then claim it was original to them. Same code different wording :). but no, and that is sad. Basically these numnuts just wasted alot of ppl’s time.


  • it’s a good project pero bakit pa kailangan gawin? para di mo na kailangan ng license? diba Piracy din yun :=`

  • Abetsky

    ano na nangyari dito in 2006? Fizzled out? Hype? Pipe Dream? hehehee sorry.. naulingan ko lang ulit hehehe

  • Je

    Where is this project now? It’s been years since they’ve put out word about their product.

  • LULZ!

    It is not teh real! There never was a working software solution, maybe an idea of one…