The stylish LaCie USB Speakers

Remember those free speakers that come with every bundled PC you buy? Do you actually use those? Aside from not requiring external power, there’s nothing really good about those speakers. Bad sound and design and it would easily topple with just a slight nudge of your table.

Here’s another speaker that doesn’t require external power to run (only 1 watt per channel). The LaCie USB Speakers is designed by renowned product designer, Neil Poulton, and fits into any PC setup and most especially the Mac users out there.


This stylish speaker outputs high-quality audio that would be fitting for a small room. It has a frequency response of 90Hz-20kHz to deliver clear and vibrant sound. It doesn’t topple either!

What I like about the design is its built-in cord holder underneath for you to spool those long cords for a clutter-free desktop. Now that’s good functional design.

The LaCie USB Speakers comes with its own carrying bag if you wish to bring it on trips to boost the sound on your iPod.

As for the price? Well, it doesn’t really come close to something relatively free but it’s LaCie we’re talking about here. SRP is Php3500 with a 1 year limited warranty. Already available in your favorite Apple reseller (iStudio, PowerMac, etc.).

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  • cool speakers huh. i purchased my lappie together with a speakers which i didn’t use since the time i purchased lappie. this one is cute.

  • Dude! what a stylish speakers it is ! I just love it. White color is looking also good. I will suggest to my friend who want to purchase one good speakers from many days.