The Trouble with PWiT

The trouble with PWiT, is not that they are Mac zealots. It’s not that PWiT is competing against Pinoy Tech Blog.

The trouble with PWiT is that is reads like a mainstream media blog, like say Engadget. Or CNET. The writers are from mainstream media – just check the blogroll which links to a mix of personal blogs and MSM websites. So, why is the PWiT crew writing for this blog and not for their own publications? Some have blogs of their own, such as Hinge Inquirer and Summit Media?
For those publications without blogs, the reason is obvious. Maybe their writers will carry their PWiT experiences into the corporate blogs. But for those with blogs, I can only guess and think, it’s their personal choice. Blogs are supposed to be personal, anyway.

Update: The official response of PWiT: All in this together.

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  • Hmmm… where did you get the idea for this post? 😉

  • hahaha, si Jayvee kase tsismoso! Patay ka Jayvs!

  • Don’t shoot the messenger!

    I fixed the post to add a link to PWiT… how naive (and sleepy) was I to assume that everyone knew where PWiT was.

    Anyway, that’s the trouble with PWiT. The good thing with PWiT is the mighty fine writing. If I were to write for Pinoy Tech Blog for a full-time living, I would need to learn writing like that!

  • Funny you mentioned “Mac zealots”… I was in a workgroup this week and I could tell the communications/media group from the ordinary folks… they were the one’s using Macs… I half joked that it must be an industry requirement *snicker*

  • Greetings and salutations PTB! This is Howard from PWiT. I’d just like to clarify a few things.

    -We really don’t have the intention of competiting with PTB. Yes, both blogs are blogging about tech, but both have it’s own flavor that I really don’t think would cause us to go head to head.

    -PWiT serves as an outlet for us who works at major publications to post about anything we want without fear of any repurcusions. PWiT has no relation to our jobs whatsoever, it’s as personal as personal can get. If the writing style seems very corporate, that’s just the style that we’re used to.

    -I just read Jayvee’s post regarding PTB vs. PWiT and quite frankly, I am disappointed. It would seem he’s trying to to make something out of nothing. If he’s into that whole showbiz/tsismis thing with all the intrigue and whatnot, I would prefer that he left us out of it. I can’t speak for the other PWiters, but I don’t need to be bothered with issues like that. I didn’t join PWiT to pick a fight with anyone. If ever you want to know more about PWiT and our plans for it. Talk to Adel.

    But honestly, I’m just thrilled and honored that PWiT is even mentioned in PTB, I just wished it was in a better context. I hope there’s no hate between PTB and PWiT.

  • Hi Howard,
    Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t really believe PWiT is competing against Pinoy Tech Blog. I just thought that Jayvee had an interesting point.

    Of course I’m subscribed to see if you’re going to outscoop us!

    Of course there’s no hatin’. If there really was, then I would have better ways of doing that than making this silly post!

    I’d love to go Mac, but my software development tools won’t run. Til then I’m stuck on Dell.

  • banana

    hehe hopefully nothing sour comes out of this. =)

  • banana,
    all is well… see the PWiT post.

  • Nice job back there in PWiT. Sorry for my ignorance, but is there any Pinoy blog that resembles Zdnet tech blog?

  • ZDNet blog: a journalist-quality blog?

    Well that would be the folks from PWiT!

    If not, maybe our friends from, GMA7, etc. would step up.

    Or, if I quit my job and be a full-time tech writer/journalist… I could come up with that! But I need to keep my job…

  • Dana

    Come on! You can’t be serious. What is the “trouble” you’re talking about? So what if the other site “reads like a mainstream blog”? Why all this rubbish about what a blog is or isn’t supposed to be?

    You seem to be creating a fuss over what is a non-issue. So they have day jobs. So they blog. What’s the big deal? Anyone can blog. It’s like 1995, and people bragging about having a homepage. Yeesh.

  • Jason

    Those people suck. They discontinued it.