The Ultimate Web Design Job

Well, not probably the ultimate (see Google), but I’d be one excited designer if I was given the same task as Larry Tesler. As the new vice-president of the user experience and design group of Yahoo!, he’ll be leading one of the greatest web design jobs in the world: improving the homepage.

Larry Tesler has made a career out of making computers easier to use — the man invented the idea of cutting and pasting when he was an engineer at the legendary Xerox PARC research facility in Silicon Valley in the mid-1970s. But these days the 60-year-old whiz is facing a distinctly different design challenge. As the new vice-president of the user experience and design group at Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO ), he’s charged with fine-tuning some of the Internet’s primest real estate: the home page.

For the moment, Tesler is tight-lipped about what’s in store for, but he does offer some hints. “One thing I’ve been pushing hard since I got here is that using Yahoo should be a delightful experience,” he says. Expect him to take advantage of more advanced Web browsers, and he may reduce clutter by “hiding” material so users can opt to see more news, for instance, by rolling their mice over a topic. That would be a big improvement. But he has a long way to go before Yahoo is a delight.

You’ll have to wear a lot of hats for this job (usability, design, programming, marketing, etc.) but none more important than that of a magician. Hey, you’ll need a lot of wizardry to please 15,000,001 daily visitors (the last visitor would be your boss).

I already pity the guy 😉

Via BusinessWeek.

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  • wow, for a moment there i thought commenting was limited to registered users… but jobs like that could be really stressfull… especially when you get QA’d from the QA team.

  • Yeah, a QA team of 15M 🙂

  • QA by a million combinations of browsers, OS, resolutions… 😉

  • That one too 🙂

  • This is a job I want to have before I die.

  • and if you can’t work at Yahoo! you can always read

  • Mas OK to if you work in a Googleplex-like office. No pun intended.