The Upcoming ZTE Axon M Will Make Flip Phones Cool Again
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The Upcoming ZTE Axon M Will Make Flip Phones Cool Again

Of course, when we say flip phone in this case, we’re not referring to the decade-old fad with a small screen and keypad. This time, we refer to the ZTE Axon M, a smartphone that boasts two full-sized displays that flip open via a hinge.

A ‘Flip Phone’?

At first glance, casual viewers might perceive the Axon M as a regular Android device. However, this 5.2-incher might shock and surprise once it flips open, revealing an iddentical 5.2-inch display on the back. Specs-wise, things look a little more familiar. Inside, we will see a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and 4GB RAM. On the outside, the ZTE Axon M will tout a 20-megapixel camera.

The combined size of the two screens look almost exactly like a tablet setup. But, the Axon M promises greater versatility, primarily in the form of dual-screen functions. Of course, it still retains the ability to employ only one screen. This results in a phone that can be opened a bit, and set down like a tent.

For those willing to experiment with the dual-screen functions, ZTE made sure that most Android apps work on the phone. In what is currently called ‘Extended Mode’, the device will stretch a single app across both screens. More importantly though, two users may use the screens separately (like say, watching two different video streams at the same time).

Will the unique form factor of the ZTE Axon M turn into massive profits in the market? We will see once this device hits store shelves.


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