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The Web is the No. 1 Media at Work and during the Day Time

A recently released report by the Online Publishers Association points out that most people use the web at work and during the day time for their media consumption. This was done by tracking the media use of 350 people every 15 minutes. With a study base spread across the different age groups, the subjects were monitored for about 80% percent of their waking day (13 hours.)

In another part of the study, it was determined that web dominant consumers spend more than the tv-dominant type:

Web dominant consumers’ retail spending averaged $26,450, while the TV-dominant group’s spending averaged $21,401.

In effect this reaffirms the long reach of web based advertising on the consumer base.


Newspaper use peaked in the morning; that print media was consumed by 17 percent of the subjects between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. When this media was combined with Web consumption, the potential reach for advertisers climbed to 44 percent. During the same morning period, the number of consumers using magazines jumped from 7 percent to 39 percent, and from 44 percent to 62 percent for television.

It would be interesting to recreate this study in the Philippine setting and see how much similar or different the results will be. Considering the depth of internet penetration in the homes and in the work place, the results might not be that off.

However, when looking at the local Adwords ads on most local sites, the content are still mostly from international sources or from large Philippine companies. It would be great if local SME’s could take advantage of web advertising in their marketing campaign since the costs isn’t as prohibitive as it seems. I think local websites could help shore up the confidence of our SME’s on web advertising if they publish their site stats, showcasing how big their user base is.

Original Article from CNET

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