The World’s First Multi-Touch Mouse

Last week Apple unveiled the world’s first multi-touch mouse, the Magic Mouse. Apple’s Mighty Mouse’s predecessor is now a wireless, sexy-looking piece of gadget.


What Apple basically did was turn the glass touchpad surface of their Macbook Pro into a wireless, mouse-shaped device. No more mechanical buttons and now you can do all those finger gestures that you can do on the touchpad with the Magic Mouse.

You can scroll through long documents as if the magic mouse has a scroll wheel, pan across large images or swipe to move forward or backward through web pages and photos.


Magic Mouse uses Bluetooth as its wireless connection to your Mac from up to 10 meters away. It is powered by two AA batteries that Apple claims would last you about 4 months.

At least a Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.8 or later) is required for the Magic Mouse.

It is now already available with the new iMac but is expected to be sold separately next week for Php3,490.

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  • This is the coolest invention of Apple. Imagine a wireless mouse clicking with touch. That was awesome! 3K will be a little bit pricey for a mouse, but soon I think the price will go down.

  • one thing i forgot to mention is that have some hand powder ready in case your hand is sweaty. it’s hard to flick your finger on it if your hand is wet or sticky.

  • yeah! check out my post about this topic.. BTW, magic mouse is really awesome and I am looking forward to have one.. Hehe..

  • Wireless + touch = awesomeness!

  • Lem

    Where would you have your fingers rest on?

    They can’t just be floating above the mouse…

    …maybe a little lower than where the sensors are,.?