These Canon products go Super Zoom

Want a telephoto lens on your digital camera or camcorder? Check out this two new Super Zoom products from Canon which are perfect for safaris, concerts and recitals, stalking, and sporting events.

PowerShot SX30 IS

Armed with a 35x optical zoom lens, the PowerShot SX30 IS is Canon’s first compact digital camera equipped with an ultra wide-angle super telephoto lens with a focal range of 24mm to 840mm.

PowerShot SX30 IS

PowerShot SX30 IS features a new Zoom Framing Assist function (a combination of high speed zoom with high speed AF) to help users frame or compose shots more effectively when shooting at the higher end of the zoom range.

The SX30 is an excellent all-rounder for people with all levels of photography experience. Experienced users, for instance, can choose to use their own preferred presets or opt for full manual control. Photography novices, on the other hand, can rely on the camera’s enhanced Smart Auto Mode that intelligently detects faces, distance, motion, color, and brightness in the frame, with the camera selecting from one of 28 presets to optimize settings for the best results.

The PowerShot SX30 can also take advantage of the Smart Auto function in movie mode enabling users to shoot movies with ease.

It automatically adjusts to 21 different scenes with different lighting conditions with the Dynamic IS function, allowing users to record sharper and clearer footages, even while walking.

It also has a hotshoe that allows it to be used with optional accessories such as the Speedlite EX flashes.

SRP: Php28,950


The VIXIA FS300 is a flash memory camcorder that conveniently records video directly to a removable SD or SDHC Memory Card. This makes it easier to carry around spare cards instead of lugging around extra tapes.


It features Genuine Canon 41x Advanced Zoom that gets you closer to your subject while preserving image quality. It also has Dynamic IS for smooth and steady videos.


See how close the VIXIA FS300 can get and still record and focus properly?

The FS300 also has a QuickCharge feature allowing you to get back to the action quickly. A full hour of recorder power requires only 20 minutes of charging time. Along with an intelligent Lithium-Ion Battery, you don’t have to guess how many minutes worth of recording is left on the charge. It accurately indicates remaining battery time down to the minute.

SRP: 19,950

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