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This 3-in-1 iPad Connection Kit is better than the official one

Now here’s something that Apple should’ve done instead of their own 2-in-1 iPad camera connection kit. If you own an iPad, you know how handy it is at times to having the Apple 2-in-1 camera connection kit around for your SD cards and USB drives right? But it being a 2-device combo is quite a hassle to store and keep track off.


Why didn’t Apple create just one device with multiple slots instead of their 2-in-1? We don’t know but M.I.C Gadget probably thought of that too and they came up with their 3-in-1 iPad Connection Kit. Just like Apple’s, it can handle a flash drive, an SD card and even a microSD card in one single device. Now isn’t that a more elegant solution? To top it off, it only costs almost a dollar more than Apple’s version and it comes in black as well.

Grumble. I now regret buying my 2-in-1 camera connection kit. It’s already available at the M.I.C. gadget online store for pre-order for $29.90 (tax included) and will start shipping just after Christmas. I’m sure somebody would sell it here soon.

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