ticketworld.com.ph buggy?

Have anyone of you tried to purchase tickets from ticketworld online? I was excited at first that finally we have an online ticketing web service. But when I tried it, it is not working and there are a lot of bugs when you purchase reserve seats. I tried to pay for the tickets via my visa credit card, but the payment gateway gave an error. What a shame.

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  • RMS

    Regrettably you tried to purchse tickets during the transition period when the ticket application was being upgraded. Since our upgrade our web sales channel has expanded significantly – try it!

  • Phil

    That’s simply not true. I just tried to do it and have received nothing but error messages. This is truly the worst way to try to buy tickets. I can’t believe that it’s being advertised.

  • Leide

    It is very unfortunate that ticketworld website does not process on-line purchases. I have been trying desperately until midnight yesterday but to no avail. So I was forced to call long-distance to Manila to reserve tickets. Please do not advertise on-line reservation if it is non-operational.

  • .

    It’s not even working right now.

  • dot

    yeah. it’s not working AGAIN.
    it’s really important for me to purchase some tickets! gaaahhh.


  • Me

    no working!!

  • Andrew Enriquez

    Maybe you have a loose internet connection then, but when you purchase now via TicketWorld website – it’s fast. Using my VISa card (they also entertain MASTERCARD) credit cards. They also have ticket hotline number 891-9999 if you have problems (just in case) with how to order only. They will entertain your call step by step in ordering tickets via their website. Their website design is much better now. But i wish for a blog and more celeb photos.

  • Franco

    Tried purchasing 3 tickets on their site for 2 days now but all I get is error. There’s not even a selection on their drop down field for the Method of Payment. It only shows that their web developer is NOT in par and still has a lot to learn! I sent them an email if I can help them since I have developed a lot of ecommerce and banking sites already. Tsk Tsk Tsk…. Their site is just unacceptable!

  • jkgctg

    I keep on getting this error:

    “account number missing”

    I believe I provided all of the required information already.

    What seems to be the problem? :/

  • i always have a hard time even pulling up the homepage.

  • melissa reyes

    I can’t access the webpage. It won’t even load! This is so crappy..