Tip: Cure DVD Subtitles Frustration Easily

The scenario would be almost always too familiar with any anime fan. You’re holding kick-butt DVDs of the latest releases, but find out later that they have the most terrible fan subtitles that you’re probably better off deciphering it yourself than giving your brain a meltdown with bad grammar, loads of spelling errors, and just plain incromphensibility.

Fear not, there’s an easy solution. I’ve written about it before, citing my immense frustration with the Ghost in the Shell II: Innoncence DVD.

  1. Download Media Player Classic.
  2. Download the subtitles from subtitles.ro. The subtitles are usually in archived format, so extract the .srt file to your hard disk. Inspect the file if its comprehensible; you can use Notepad to open the file and read it.
  3. Launch Media Player Classic, go to File -> Open DVD, and wait until your movie is loaded. Once loaded, go to File -> Load Subtitle
  4. , and voila!

The only other requirement here is that, of course, you do need a DVD drive on your PC.

Feel the need to have cheap fun? Intentionally use the wrong subtitles for your chosen anime, or any DVD movie spoken in a foreign-language-you-don’t-understand. Haven’t done it myself, so for anyone who’d entertain the idea and actually does it, tell me how it goes.

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