Tis the Season for Domain Renewals…

Just finished extending my Top Level Domains to take advantage of the exchange rate between the Dollar and Peso (hovering around P49=$1.)

Logically December would be the best month to do dollar/peso transactions because of the good performance of the peso due to the influx of OFW money into the country due to the Christmas Holidays (except for 2003 and 2004)

2006 has been a good year for the Peso as it has started going down to 2001 levels, I’d hope to see it go down further to 1997 levels though.

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  • Tis also the season for buying from Amazon/other online stores and making padala from the US!

  • Hahaha that’s a very good suggestion Migz 😀

  • Yup I have some Amazon book purchases incoming. One of them is very bloggable in fact!

  • It’s a mixed blessing actually. Higher peso rates means that outsourcing to the Philippines becomes more expensive and therefore less attractive. Not to mention that those who make a living earning dollars (Adsense anyone?) earn less bang for the buck.

  • That’s true. Something for our economic overlords to worry about. Of course, going back to 1997 levels will be disastrous!

    As for those earning: I guess the best thing to do with your USD is use it for investing.