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Tongits Game runs on Adobe Air

tongits game screenshot

Tongits is a new game that runs on Adobe Air and was developed by Rico Zuniga. Listed below are its features:

  • Drag & Drop Interface. The game feels like the real thing with its intuitive drag & drop interface.
  • Realistic And Challenging AI. The computers play like live human tongits players.
  • Innovative Way of Organizing Cards. Just like in the real game, you are free to group and organize cards in any way you like. This significantly improves your planning and strategy.
  • Betting Simulation. Betting enhances the realistic feel of the game. It adds excitement and suspense and gives the player a sense of accomplishment and progress.
  • Game Saving. The game is automatically saved after each round to preserve the precious progress you have made.
    Statistics. Relevant game statistics such as number of wins and money won, are saved for each player.
  • Clear Card Images. The cards were designed to be easy to read and identify. This helps you easily spot important cards that you might need to win the game.
  • A Solid Trainer. If you are a professional Tongits player, the game can supplement your training. And with the high level AI, you won’t need human opponents to practice with.
  • Continuous Development. The game is continuously being developed and improved to further enhance the player’s experience.

The game is not freeware though. But you could try it out. However, the demo version only allows you to run the game 10 times. In order for you to enjoy unlimited play, you need to pay 15 USD.

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  • More info can be found in our article. I’ve tried this game and oks talaga siya. 🙂

  • Hi guys, I have great news. I just slashed the price from $15 down to $10! I’m also giving away 50% discount coupon codes for a limited time. This brings the price down to just $5!

    Visit the site for more information and read the Tongits blog for the latest updates.

  • it’s better if you put “how to play the game” in your homesite for people like me who forgot how the game works.

  • Nice, galing talaga nang pinoy… biruin mo maski ang kanto katong game natin, digital na!