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Top 3 Reasons why Sony’s Xperia Z2 Gets the First Look Advantage in the Smartphone Race This Year

The latest smartphones from different brands had just been unveiled in the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona for this year. Let’s see how Sony’s bet made it in the specs race.


1. Display

With a packed display offering of 5.2 inches and a 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution, the follow up to Sony’s Xperia Z1 will make you consider placing it ahead of the race. It comes with TRILUMINOS display technology and X-Reality, unique display features for the photo and video enthusiasts.

2. Battery

The Z2 comes with 3200mah, a great combo for multimedia tasks on demand. Sony definitely kept the display-battery specs on lock with this release, especially with the demanding features that you can juice from this phone alone.

3. Camera

Lastly, the smartphone feature that is commonly loved by most of the consumers today ““ the camera. The 20.7 MP camera paired with the 2.2 MP front cam, plus the 4K ultra high definition camcorder is definitely a finisher in the race. Compared with the other phones unveiled this year, this feature really made it a tough competition for the other smartphone giants.

All the other details from the specifications unveiled with this phone this week were either slightly below or at par with Samsung, Google, and LG’s offerings. Personally, I think Sony did a good job in having a good combo with their multimedia assets. The only deal breaker we’ll have to wait for is the pricetag.

Stay tuned for more updates in the smartphone arena.

SONY Xperia Z 2 specs

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  • Candy Sun

    I’m definitely gonna give 2 thumbs up for the 20.7 MP camera. That is really one thing that knocks off the Samsung Galaxy S5 though I heard about LG’s G3 that will be launched pretty soon. Guess it’s one smartphone that has to be checked out first before deciding to upgrade to any of the latest smartphones nowadays.