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Top 5 Android Games you may have not heard about

The Android Market has hundreds, if not thousands of great casual and hardcore games. Ranging from ShadowGun to Fruit Ninja, or even the likes of Robot Unicorn Attack. But with such amount of games in the market, it is undoubtedly easy to miss some lesser-known games; but they are in fact just as great as ShadowGun and the likes.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 games for your Android that you may have missed and should definitely be played on your phone.

1. Rocket Weasel by Freeze Tag Games


Rocket Weasel is definitely a delight to play. The soundtrack is simply catchy, even “œlast song syndrome” kind of catchy, and the visuals are colorful and a treat for the eyes while you’re playing. And most importantly, it’s a great puzzle game. It’s challenging to accomplish certain levels, but what’s rewarding is watching the chain of effects of the actions you do when you accomplish your goal. It’s basically like playing Home Alone and watching how one thing affects the other. Speaking of the goal, you are tasked with saving your animal students who were forcefully caged. I definitely recommend this game for kids and adults alike. Give it a try!

Google Play: Rocket Weasel – FREE

2. Game Dev Story by Kairosoft


Game Dev Story is one of those time/money management games that comes with an old-school yet lovely 8-bit graphics. But unlike your average time management game, this one is not only addicting, but is absolutely addicting that you’ll find your Android device always drained! You are tasked with creating a game by following a given formula. But the challenge here is mixing these formulas to ensure a great game. Will a Ninja type game work on a Shooter genre? You’ll have to take the risk and find out. But wait, the game doesn’t end with just making a game. You’ll have to market it! So knowing how much to spend on your employees and how much to spend for marketing plays a big factor. Not only is this game fun, but you can also learn a thing or two that may prove useful in the future.

Google Play: Game Dev Story – Php126.56

3. Logos Quiz by Carlos Alcarria


Logos Quiz is vey similar to those matching games you used to play when you were young. But the interesting take here is that the game gets hundreds (maybe thousands) of brand logos from around the world, ranging from car models to shampoo brands. You will be presented with logos with some parts missing and have to guess what brand that is. Guess a certain amount of logos correctly to advance to the next level and a new set of logos. Give it a try to test you or your friends’ knowledge of brand logos. I have no idea I knew that brand “œQualcomm” until I played the game.

Google Play: Logos Quiz – FREE

 4. Hero’s Way by Lakoo Inc.


Hero’s Way was one of those hidden gems exclusive to the App Store.  However, due to its popularity among the online community, it was recently ported to the Android platform – and therefore should be downloaded as soon as possible! This game has amazing visuals, ranging from the design of the heroes and enemies to the effects of the characters spells. The gameplay is simply astounding, you will not only control 1 hero, but you control up to 3 heroes! You can even choose several classes such as mage, rogue and warrior. The game has over 60 levels, and it is without a doubt this will be expanded upon future updates. Hopefully, they’ll release a multiplayer option in the future. Until then, this game will definitely keep you occupied for weeks. Oh, and best of all – did I already mention that this game is free?

Google Play: Hero’s Way – FREE

5. Heist: The Score by N3V Games PTY LTD


Now I’m not particularly fond of FPS games on a smartphone simply because I can never replicate the same thrill I feel when playing in a console (primarily due to the touch screen controls). But I must admit, Heist: The Score (as well as Nova) really kept me wanting for more. The visuals are great from a studio that isn’t well known, but what really got to me was the story telling. Cheesy at times, but it certainly has its moments. Although the game is short, it is memorable. I suggest you buy it and support the developers to release more updates and levels!

Google Play: Heist: The Score – Php126.78

Editor’s note: This post is contributed by Michael Tung with some slight revisions by the editor. Michael is a man of 3 things – games, comics, and movies. This is of course excluding the usual family, friends and God. He is surprisingly able to manage college while playing video games (A LOT) in his daily life. He’s also particularly fond of Japanese food so any free japanese food is greatly appreciated. 

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  • Christyan

    tried out the Rocket Weasel and Heros Way. Definitely worth a check nga bros!
    thanks for the suggestions, Calvin!

    • thank Michael! he discovered these games. 🙂

  • Paolo

    Addicting ang GameDev!

    • yup! actually halos lahat ng games ng kairosoft puro ganyan, iba iba lang yung genre. very addicting. use to play it alot sa iOS.

    • Zyk

      Yup. naka ka addict talaga. I even bought it before less than Php 50.00 when Android market set a 90% off sale sa mga apps ^^

  • Griswold

    i love game dev story!!! i hope there’s more of that type of game available to us Android users.

  • Rocket Weasel is funny one =)

  • para sakin Gamedev pinaka malupit!

  • ocommon

    Ano na pong nangyari? No more updates?