TOP 5: VR Headsets for Under PHP 1,200 in Philippines
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TOP 5: VR Headsets for Under PHP 1,200

Virtual reality has taken over the entertainment market as more and more VR games and 3D movies come out, enhancing and revolutionizing the industry as we know it. Of course, this also means that smartphones have to catch up to the times and offer VR experiences themselves. Today, we look at affordable, yet powerful VR headsets that cost under Php 1,200.

It should be noted of course, that these prices indicate only the VR headsets themselves, which means that these are prices you should consider if you already have a smartphone powerful enough to play virtual reality applications. Also, we need to put emphasis that we looked at both the capabilities of the VR Headsets and the price, so we can cater to consumers on a tight budget. So let’s start:

5) VR shinecon 3.0 Virtual Reality Glasses


The shinecon 3.0 is the cheapest VR headset on this list, with a price tag of Php 763 on Lazada. This sounds greatly appealing, but that’s really where it ends. Despite this, it’s a perfect start for anyone who wants to try experiencing virtual reality for the first time through their phones. The shinecon 3.0 supports phones that range in 4.7 inches to 6 inches in size, and the usual minimum capabilities of a VR headset, such as adjustable pupil distances that can match the consumer’s eyesight, and an adjustable strap for comfort. Unfortunately, the shinecon 3.0 also leaves the smartphone in the open as it doesn’t have an actual port or holder for it, instead it just has ridges that hold it in front of the headset.

Purchase the shinecon 3.0 here.

4) VR BOX 2.0


The VR BOX 2.0 has similar capabilities to the shinecon 3.0, but comes with a few more extras. While it fits the same smartphone sizes as the shinecon 3.0 (4.7 inches to 6 inches), the VR BOX 2.0 doesn’t leave the smartphone exposed and actually has a compact holder that will keep the phone firmly within the headset. Every purchase of the VR BOX 2.0 brand new comes with two nice freebies:  A cleaning cloth and three rubber pads.

Unfortunately, the VR BOX 2.0 is much more expensive in comparison to the shinecon 3.0 despite not offering anything much more.  At Lazada, this particular headset is priced at Php 1,044, while CD-R King offers the VR BOX 2.0 (with an extra CD-R King logo labeled at the bottom) for Php 580.

3) VR HOUSE Virtual Reality Glasses


VR HOUSE’s Virtual Reality headset ups the ante by expanding its compatibility. It can accommodate any smartphone that ranges in 4 inches to 6 inches in size, and boasts an Optical Axis Sliding Control function. This means that with the simple adjustment of a knob on the headset, the consumer can adjust the VR experience by altering the pupil distance and the object distance. Consumers that purchase the VR HOUSE headset no longer have to worry about discomfort because they have to wear their glasses under the headset.

The VR House headset is currently priced at Php 1,138.20. For more information, visit this page.

2) Arealer VR


The Arealer VR headset offers comfort, function, and compatibility in one package. This particular headset supports an even wider number of smartphones, accomodating smartphones that are anywhere between 3.5 to 6 inches in size, while also providing all the capabilities that the previously mentioned headsets already have.

The Arealer VR headset is priced at Php 1,044.  For more details, be sure to check out this page.

1) RITECH Riem 3


At our top spot for VR Headsets priced under Php 1,200, we have the RITECH Riem 3.  Not only does it feature a host of capabilities that every VR headset should have, it also sports a sleek, futuristic, clean white body that allows it to stand out in the sea of all-black VR headsets. The RITECH Riem 3 is built with 360-degree viewing and gaming in mind, which means that every brand new purchase of the RITECH Riem 3 comes with a free remote control that will work with almost any smartphone.  Speaking of compatibility, the RITECH Riem 3 will accomodate any VR-capable smartphone that is anywhere between 3.5 inches to 6 inches in size.

The RITECH Riem 3 is priced at a mere Php 995, and more details on the headset can be seen here.


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