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Top 6 free action games for Android you should try out

Commuting and waiting in long lines comes with the habit of tinkering with our versatile tablets and handy smartphones. If you want to speed up and enjoy your idles times, you might want check out these six free Android action games readily available for download.

free action android games

Skater Boy and BMX Boy

Whether you are a biker or a skater, the combination of extreme sports and simple game mechanics will leave you addicted to these instant hits. With both games offering 3 different terrains expanded to 90 levels with increasing difficulty, the tap-to-speed and jump-to-avoid playstyle will leave you hooked for minutes. Coins, hearts, and trophies are scattered across the different levels, encouraging the gamers to collect and complete them for future use as they progress in the game.

Be warned though, obstacles might surprise you when reaching for these items, right where you are not expecting it.

Bunnyhop, nosegrind and get these games here:

Skater Boy | BMX Boy

Music Hero

If you got hooked to TapTap Revenge games, you might want to try experiencing it with your own set of songs with this game. The usual gameplay mechanic follows through as it draws inspiration from the descendant of Dance Dance Revolution, namely O2Jam.

One good feature is the availability of using local MP3 files on your phone. You can also adjust the difficulty settings to match your skill, leaving you with more sessions to enjoy.

Play your favorites and get Music Hero.

Jetpack Joyride

Fans of runner games like Temple Run might want to download and try this classic hit. With various awards to be proud of, this side-scroller will leave you addicted and attached to your smartphones or tablets. With a basic one-touch control feature, you can command Barry in dodging zappers and missiles, collecting coins and stars for upgrades, unlocking items, and leveling up. You can also use the coins for acquiring gadgets and clothing for our protagonist.

The game raises the bar of difficulty as the distance covered increases. Obstacles and enemies equipped with missiles and laser beams will try to stop you from going further, making it more challenging as you progress throughout the game levels. Since the joyride is an endless runner game, the addictive factor is very high, making you desire for better equipment, earn achievements and a more enjoyable rampage-type of gameplay.

Start the rundown and get Jetpack Joyride.

Deadshot Zombies and Dead Trigger

If you enjoy the thrill of the undead chasing you, these games are worth the attention of your trigger fingers.

Deadshot Zombies features a stationary first person shooter gameplay style that forces you to kill zombies before they, you know, kill you, and eat your brains. With various classic apocalyptic scenarios such as a warehouse, the streets and a cargo ship, the atmosphere of the game will make you bust more brains with your pistol and shotgun.

With the lack of being able to change positions, the game challenges you to prioritize which zombie to kill first, making it frustrating and ecstatic at the same time.

Now, if you are still hungry for more brains to pop, Dead Trigger might offer you the fragfest you have been waiting for. Playing this game makes you feel like you ported Call of Duty Zombies to your gadget.

With multiple quests and simple first person controls, the amount of gameplay offered is top-notch as you are given the chance to frag zombies, collect ammo, and go to various places on the game map such as the Gunshop and the Safe Haven. Aside from this, the graphics offered is comparable to most first person shooters, making a must-have if you love fast-paced action games. Play it on an NVIDIA Tegra 3 device and see the environment come alive.

Blast it out with the undead and get these games here:

Deadshot Zombies | Dead Trigger

With these free games readily available for your enjoyment, afterhours and commutes will now be jampacked with action. Just remember to use the device filter in Google Play when viewing reviews so you can fully enjoy your downloads with your gadgets. Have fun!

Editor’s note: This post is contributed by Rei Magnaye. Rei is our gaming love guru. His multiple relationships with video games made him a time-tested gamer on quality and experience. A former battle dancer and e-sports contender, he loves roaming around different competitive gaming worlds, fragging other players (or getting inevitably killed), and laughing about it.

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  • Ryan S.

    Dead Trigger.. libre na, ganda pa.., wala na aqng mga main mission, puro side missions n lng.. updated to latest version nmn, pero wala aq napansing bago.. kelan kaya magkaroon ult main mission..

  • wengweng2003

    U forgot six guns & brothers in arms…

  • thejorlanb

    turbo kids and inotia. ;D

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