Torque EGO Tab S Review

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If there’s one thing I love about smaller brands like Torque, it’s that they think of the consumer’s budget first. Though by definition, the Torque EGO Tab S is technically a subpar, low-tier tablet, it’s certainly elevated by its unbelievably low price point. Now let’s take a closer look and see what kind of tablet you can get if your budget barely hits Php 2,000.

torque ego tab s review

What’s In the Box?

Right off the bat, you get a lot of bang for your buck by simply looking at what you get when you open a Torque EGO Tab S box.  To give you a quick list:

  • 1x Torque EGO Tab S
  • 1x Screen Protector
  • 1x microUSB to USB port cord
  • 1x microUSB charging cable
  • 1x charger head
  • 1x Smart Tunes 2.0 Carbonn EP-35 Stereo Headset

Basically, Torque really does its best to stretch the tech-savvy Filipino’s peso as much as it can. I mean look at the list! Not only do you get the basic setup of any brand new tablet or smartphone purchase, but you also get a free cord that allows the EGO Tab S to connect to devices with a microUSB port, a free screen protector so that you can keep the EGO Tab S screen pristine the very same day you purchase it, and last but not least, a free pair of Carbonn earbuds.  This means that on day one of your purchase alone, you can definitely use this tablet as a portable multimedia device.

Design and Build

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The EGO Tab S is simple and no-nonsense in its design, favoring a flat black finish to cover the entire body of the device, with all the pertinent ports and buttons found at the top of the tablet. There are also only three buttons, two reserved for the volume, and one which allows you to put the device to sleep when you’re not using it. Admittedly, while the placement of these buttons alongside the microUSB port, the microSD card port and the headphone jack port is a clunky design choice, it does help the user remember where everything is located.

I will say though, muscle memory can make it hard to use the EGO Tab S effectively, and holding the tablet can get awkward because you have to reach the top of the tablet to adjust the volume or attach a cord to the device. Not to mention the 7-inch size of the device which simply adds to the awkwardness of handling the product.  However, if you have large hands, this may not be a problem for you at all.

Display and Multimedia

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Though the tablet itself is 7-inches, you shouldn’t expect crisp, clear super HD thanks to its 600 x 1024 Pixel resolution, but if you’re just in it to stream videos and listen to music, this actually isn’t a bad deal at all. The camera is a bit of a letdown, too, with both front and rear cameras registering at only 3-megapixels (my smartphone has better cameras), yet, again, you have to keep in mind that this is a budget tablet.  If you want a high-end camera, you shouldn’t come looking with a wallet that’s hurting for cash. Although if I may say so myself, it still has a better camera than other units like the Cherry Mobile Fusion Aura Play, which sports a 2-megapixel camera.

The real winner for the EGO Tab S is actually the aforementioned free Smart Tunes 2.0 Carbonn earbuds, which offer great sound and a comfortable fit if you’re looking to spend an afternoon watching Youtube or listening to music.


Speaking of Youtube, let’s talk about the actual downside of the Tablet, which is the relatively slow response time to the touchscreen display. At its worst, I find moments where my fingers are visibly ahead of what the tablet is responding too, and there’s a general feeling of lag whenever you open an app, or when you’re simply just unlocking the menu.

The audio is also a mixed bag.  It’s serviceable, but you’d need to really listen close to get decent quality out of the tablet’s speakers.  Maybe that’s why they included free earbuds in the first place!  Personally, I would recommend using the free Carbonn earphones whenever you use the device, or else you’ll have a hard time hearing the audio of whatever it is you’re watching.

There’s also the matter of how it handles games.  If you’re a casual player who likes spending time on mobile games like Candy Crush and the like, we have a bit of news for you.  The good:  It will play them.  The bad:  There’s noticeable lag.

For this review, the test games were Temple Run and Angry Birds, two mobile gaming classics. Temple Run ran, but the input lag was noticeable whenever swiping in any direction.  I died more than twice becuase of it.  For Angry Birds, the lag was more forgiving, but this is mainly because the game doesn’t require instant, quick swipes. So in my opinion, you may want to stick to slower-paced games if you want to game with the Torque EGO Tab S.

On that note, let’s talk about battery life. The EGO Tab S is quite a lightweight. I did two sample runs, one where I used it on a daily basis with the Wi-Fi on, and one where I used it daily with the Wi-Fi off.  On average, having the Wi-Fi on, even when you’re not playing games at the same time, is a huge battery drain.  Within a day or two, the tablet needed recharging. So as a word of advice, be sure to keep a power bank handy if you plan to travel with the EGO Tab S in hand.

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Recommendation and Final Verdict

After thoroughly pointing out the obvious flaws of the Torque EGO Tab S, it’s a surprise anyone would even want to recommend this tablet.  Yet, I still find that, depending on the circumstance, you could still give this tablet the thumbs up.

You see, the official price of the EGO Tab S is an unbelievably low Php 1,699, and to be honest, a working, serviceable tablet at that price is essentially a bargain! Of course, I must question why your buying budget is that low in the first place.

Maybe you just want a gift for your child, or maybe you want a quick Christmas gift for a friend, or maybe you want to get your parents something that will simply let them watch Youtube and get on Facebook.  And maybe your budget isn’t that huge at all, and you just want something that works.  If that’s the case, then the Torque EGO Tab S is just for you.

Torque EGO Tab S Specs

OSAndroid 4.4.2 Kitkat OS
Processor1.0GHz Single Core Processor
Memory512MB RAM
Display7.0-inch Capacitive Display (600 x 1024 Pixels)
Storage8GB, microSD up to 32GB
CameraRear: 3MP, Front: 3MP
Battery2,500 mAh Li-ion
Dimensions200 x 120 x 10 mm
OthersWi-Fi, Accelerometer, FREE Smart Tunes 2.0 Carbonn earbuds
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