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Torque Trinity and Cherry Mobile Trident specs comparison

It seems that the Cherry Mobile Trident isn’t the first triple-SIM phone out in the market. According to this article, Torque’s Trinity was already out since June. It’s just that they were a day late with their ads.

Anyway, both triple-SIM phones will be a sure-hit to the public who still finds a dual-sim phone lacking. They both look the same and have almost the same price but how about in the features department?

Trident or Trinity?

Here’s a side-by-side specs* of both the Cherry Mobile Trident (Q300) and Torque Trinity (TQ800).

Cherry Mobile Trident (Q300)Torque Trinity (TQ800)
Quad Band GSMQuad Band GSM
2.46″ TFT LCD2.4″ TFT LCD
320 x 240 pixels
Bluetooth 2.0Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP
2 megapixel camera with flash2 megapixel camera
microSD (up to 4GB)microSD (up to 8GB)
Analog TV with RecordFree-To-Air Mobile TV
FM Radio with RecordFM Radio

Both the Cherry Mobile Trident and Torque Trinity almost have the same features. I’m not sure if the 8GB microSD capability of the Trinity is that useful unless you plan to shoot a lot of stuff with its 2-megapixel camera.

I guess for buyers, the major decision would have to be the looks. Now where is myPhone in this triple-SIM world?

*The specs are only from what I can glean from online materials. I’m not sure if the Trinity can also record TV shows or if its camera has flash and other specific features. If you own the phone, I would appreciate if you can confirm other features. Thanks! – Ed.

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  • How about their RAM (is that the correct term)? I got a Torque D110 with Java capability but is only able to run some Java games.. Is it right to assume that the “internal memory” of these “cheap” phones are not like those of the more-known brands? has anybody tried to run apps (like notepad) and java games?

  • China – ish.

    • ROB JAW

      i bought the trinity and find it very easy to use with my big fingers, i put in an 8gb mem and works just fine, u can put video, movies, music and they all play ok on the trinity. i like watching movies and the graphics isnt too bad

      • Bray

        How about the batteries? long life ba? or baka isang oras lang pag nagTV ka or ngplay ngmusic? sound quality ok ba?

        • GreenArcher

          May I know from ROB Jaw the brand of the 8GB you used? Some people are saying this unit only uses a max. of 2gb and thats’ whats indicated on the box. some are also saying puede only up to 4GB but may problema.

          hoping you can enighten moe on your 8GB experence.

          • hooo

            ang torque sabi nila 8gb ang expandable,wala namang 8gb… 2gb lang talaga ang nkasulat sa carton kahit saan mag punta…

        • Kevs

          masyado mo naman minamaliit ang hindi masyadong sikat na phones sa market.. -.-

          about sa battery life matagal siya..
          stand-by time: up to 450 hours
          talk time: up to 8-9 hours
          Music time: up to 35 hours

          and they have very loud speakers compares to nokia express music based on my experience..

          • stephanie

            gaano po kakapal ung trinity? at mabigat ba?

  • o2racqs

    what about the other specifications?
    which of the two is better?
    can we call the three sim at the same time or if i have already received a phone call from sim 1, will i be able to received the phone call of sim 2 and sim 3?
    kumbaga ay may kausap ako sa isang linya pero call waiting yung 2 pang linya kapag may kumontak dun sa 2 numero?
    3 kc sim q.
    convinient sakin kung makakabili ako ng tri sim kc 1 phone na lang ang dadalhin q.
    kapag nagrequest ba ako ng phone setting sa smart globe o sun ay available na yung features o applications na binibigay nila sa 2 cp na 2?
    yung dual sim q kc ay torque dtv90.
    nagrequest aq s sun ng setting pero d p rw nla recognized yung unit na nabili q?
    yung itg xpphone b triple sim?
    how muxh kaya un?
    maganda kc un.

  • Remixdrama

    confirmed na ba talaga ang wifi nito sir? If so, pag-iipunan ko talaga to..hehe

    • yup WiFi ready na. go go go. 🙂

      • Chii Mii

        ahHmm..Calvin..sa tingin muh anuh mas maganda? bibili kasi ako ng cp..gustuh kuh ung q300..kaso pinag kumpara muh sila..nalilito tuloy ako hehe..help naman…

        • euge

          i think its better chose tq800 kase 8gb ang puede e pasuk…may q300 maganda talaga….

        • tingin q lang bro…ung tq800 ung kunin mu..kasi mas maganda ung features nia..di lang halata kasi once na cnbing pgandahan ng cp,naiicp agad ung ” Memory, tv , wifi ” pero meron xang Java,wap 2.0 / Gprs..ibig sbihin mas maraming pdeng ma feature once nag surf k sa internet ng fone na yan ^^..

          suggestion lang po yan..nsa sau pdn po ung dicXon..

          • please paki answer

            pwede po ba talaga ung TV ng tq800 at pwede ba ito downlodan ng bible

    • ahmm Calvin..anuh ba mas maganda? my cp ka ba isa sa unit na yan?? bibili kasi ako..ng q300..nakita ko to, pinag kumpara muh kasi..nalito 2loy ako..haha..anuh ung mas madaling gamitin..!!

      • hahaha sana ba di mo na lang narinig itong isa? ang maganda is punta ka sa shop at hawakan mo pareho. kung anong magandang keys para sayo. sa features halos pareho lang naman kasi eh.

        yung tq800 pa lang nahawakan ko and parang di ako masyadong hiyang sa trackball nya. yung keys naman parang maliit para sa akin. pero syempre preference ko lang yun.

        • o2racqs

          aq d q p nkta ung trinity s mall
          ung cherry laging out of stock
          pero nkbili ung ksama q ng trident
          ok lng nmn hitsura nya pero d xa slim
          sv kasamahan ko sa work, my java rn dw ung trident

      • well..nakita ko na ung q300 knina..haha..natawa ako, kasi ang laki nya..kung meron akong q300..prang my dala ako palaging radio sa bulsa ko..wahahha..ang laki nya talaga..kaya mag q8 nlng ako^^, ok lng naman un..my flash din ung q8..saka d maganda ung keys ng q300..pero malaki..d ko lng gustuh ung style ng cellphone(q300)..maganda lng sya kasi 3 sim pede..

        malaki ata daliri mo e..kaya ayaw muh nung tq800..haha..

        • mar

          yung Wifi ng Q300 may issue, palaging memory full when using internet

          • sey

            chii.. may pix ka nun trident? pdi naman pa send sa email or post it somewhere sa net para mkita ko din.. eheh..(feeling close naman ako) btw.. tnx..ö
            gano kalaki un? balak ko pa naman bilhin.. nkita ko na kasi tq800 wla maxadong negative feedback sa trident puro nega.. hmmn.. öö

          • Mar

            Sino sa inyo may alam kung bakit palagi memory full yung Trident Q300 during WIFI browsing? Tapos yung BPI expressonline di rin ma browse. Kainis.

          • anncis

            kaya po memory full d po kaya ng default browser ung binubuksan nyo po n website lalo n pg my flash… kailangan po gumamit ng panghalili na browser tulad ng opera mini or ucweb para d mgmemory full para mabuksan ung mga bigatin site… java supported nman cguro ung q3 so installan u n lng ng opera mini… gamit ko e ung trinity my nkainstall n agad sya dun n opera mini… inupdate ko lng kc luma n version aun…..sana nakatulong…

          • anncis

            pahabol share ku lng ung features nung trinity kc un phone ko ngaun…pra malaman kung alin mas maganda s dalawa sana my mgpost dto ung tungkol nman sa q3… sa trinity po unang una nagustuhan ko po ay napapalitan po ung message tone nya ng mp3 file. ung screen resolution nya ay 320×240 madali ihanap ng walpaper at games madami ako nkikita sa net..tas sa call naman halimbawa my kausap sa s sim 1 tas my tumatawa sa sim2 masasagot nyo rin ung sim 2… ihohold nyo lng ung call nyo sa sim 1 den makakausap mu n ung nasa sim 2. tas bwat sim my corresponding na shortcut keys kung alin ggmitin mong pangreply or pantawag..den ung flash ng camera pd gwing flash light… tas my libre n nga pla sya na bluetooth headset/……..:)

          • Bray


            how about ung battery ann? ok ba? hindi ba madaling maglowbatt?

          • anncis

            indi nman matagal sya maubos khit mayat maya e nglalaro ako…. tas nga pala pd rin sya remote ng laptop via bluetooth gamit n gamit eto pg ngprpresent k n report lalo n s powerpoint….

          • rosell

            ihhh san po site pdi magdownload ng games? pano xa i transfer sa phone? bago palang ako user ng trinity.. tnx.. reply pls..ö thanku..ö

          • rovira12

            paano gamitin ung flash light

  • linobalbhonzz

    hhhahahah!!!nalilito tuloy ako, mag- china blackberry nlang ako.

  • AJ

    3g yan diba?
    tapos, ano ba yung free-to-air tv doon sa torque?
    e paano kung may 3 sim. gamit yung isa, tinawagan ko yung isa. ano mangyayari? haha trip lang. mayroon ba yang sariling mga applications, tulad ng sa symbian at sa Iphone? makakapag “multi-tasking” ba jan? e ung iba pang specs tulad ng sys ram, internal memory. e ung dimensions? mayroon kasi akong kilala, mayroong cherry na cellphone (ibang model) nagulat ako nang makita ko, kasi ang liit lang pala. tapos, ung screen resolution ng sa cherry? bakit hindi nakalagay? pareho lang ba?
    parang mas gusto ko yung touch pad ng cherry. kasi, lakas maka blackberry! hahaha. e yung track ball, parang makalumang panahon pa ginagamit yung ganong klase.

    para sa mga bibili, para sa akin, mas maganda ung cherry

    thanks! dapat, lahat ng pinoy, gumamit na ng mga teknolohiyang sariling atin. maganda naman. haha

  • Arjay

    Maybe one reason why cherry phones was not able to display the BPI web page is.. Cherry phones does not support FLash Players, like adobe flash player or Macromedia flash, it is required to run or display a flash based web site like BPI, Union Bank, and more.. CHerry q300 does play videos on youtube? if not it does not support FLash Player or Its flash player is out dated or has a lower version. Like PSP or Play Station Portable. It can browse java based or HTML web pages, but was not able to play Videos from youTube because its flash player has on;y version 6.0 and I believe that today FLash player is version 10 or above

    • Bryan

      how can i use the doc viewer (excel, word)? i tried to save docs but when i opened it, it is not readable. may dapat pa bang e-download na apps?

  • Arjay

    I am also interested sa Q300, but i am in doubt na Flash Player enabled sya,because it is not specified in its specs or features that it has flash player or enabled. If you have q300 can you try browsing youtube and watch or play videos to test if it is flash enabled.. I am still making up my mind if I am going to buy one or just buy a nokia qwerty that can play youtube videos and load up flash based web pages.

    • if you’re looking for a phone that can play flash videos then expect to be frustrated. there are phones that has a built-in youtube apps where you can watch youtube vids but flash on browser is not supported. even on android, flash lite 10 still gives problem. one phone i saw that plays flash videos from browser was the hd2 which runs on windows mobile 6.5 using the internet explorer. but even then you probably still can’t enjoy it as much as watching it from a pc or laptop.

    • Nakakapag-YOUTUBE BA TALAGA S TRIDENT Q-300 or hinde??!!!!

      • Joker

        sir relax lang nagtatanong ka lang naman po hindi po ba?? hehehe mukhang mainit ata ulo mo ngayon sir..chill…LOL peace yo!

  • Jessica Almeda

    cherry mobile and torque palang ba ang merong triple sim phones dito sa Pinas?

  • EricG

    Just bought the Trident last week….ang selling point is “quad band”. The 1900 frequency is for the USA…so I can use it when I’m there for work….Well, it doesn’t work in the US…

    So far, it works in Hong Kong with both my Sun (roaming) and my Hong Kong sim card….But not in the US. I wrote to them already in their website but no reply yet…I felt like I was duped….Medyo false advertising….Tried all the possible adjustments to the settings of the phone pero to no avail….

    Now I’m stuck with a huge phone that doesn’t serve its purpose…

  • GreenArcher

    May i know from ROB JAW the brand of the 8GB he used? some people are saying this unit can only use 2GB and that’s whats inicated on the box.

    pleae enlighten us. thanks.

    • olem

      hello, i juz got my q300 last week. m using a brand HC 8 gig memory card and d phone has no problem n reading d card.

  • I believe Torque TQ800 is better bcoz it has a PC SUITE

  • haha, you expect a flash enabled player on these celphones. Then buy an android phone instead.

  • jesha

    hello po. nag tingin ako nag cherry mobile na Q300 kaso lagi sila out of stock.. tpos nung tinanung ko kung pwedeng pang capture nang picture yung camera sa harap hindi dw pwede kasi pang 3g lang dw yun..Now nmn nakita ko yung TORQUE TRINITY TQ800.. gusto ko sana ask kung yung front camera nya pang 3G lang ba or pwede ko din xang pang capture nang picture? yung kasi ang isa sa habol ko sana.. yung pwedeng pang picture yung harap na kamera.. tska xempre yung wifi.. na try ko na kasi yung wifi ng torque, mabilis nmn xa mag connect. pls help nyu po ako.. about sa question ko dun sa front camera nang torque trinity TQ800 kung pwede yung gamitin pang picture… message nyu po ako…thanks!

    • kathz

      uu nagagamit sa pag picture ung front camera ng tq800. ito gamit ko ngayon. ok naman gamitin

      • marvz

        ako Q300 gamit ko..pwede din nmn gamitin png pic ung front n camera nya eh..kya lng ung wifi nya d ko pa nsusubukan..fresh p tong fone ko eh..hehehe

      • selma

        Tama! ngagamet nmn ung front cam.. di lng siguro mrunong ung napagtanungan mu.. hahah

    • kathz

      ok naman tq800 sulit pag bumili kayo. depende sa gamit mo ang life ng trackball. nagagamit ung front cam niya sa pag pictre.

  • Melody

    im planning to buy trinity this sept pero gus2 ko po sna malaman ung mga negative feedback kc pg bumli aq baka hnd sulit dba…sana kc hnd nlng trackball ung sa trinity…minsan kc ata pg n-trigger ung trackball madaling mcra… 🙂

  • Jassy

    I was so happy with my Q300 cherry mobile & the more it will be a big help for me in US.But i got frustrated when i got to US coz it’s not working.It says its quadband but i really don’t know the problem.

    • syfox1

      this phone is BS! i brought it to US and none of my sim cards would work..quadband daw. bulok

  • Rusan Casela

    Dito ako sa papua New Guinea, meron akong Cherry mob Q300, kaya lang iun 3rd sim pag may nagtext sa iyo kinabukasan pa marereceive, ngayon iun sim 2 puro text lang hindi magkaringgan sa tawag….try ko na lahat ng setting pero ganoon pa rin. Try ko sa ibang fone iun dalawang sim ok naman….

  • Manny

    where do these fones come from? why are they so cheap?

    and are they reliable? lets say compared to blackberry?

    both looks like forms of BB Bold9700 and the Curve.

    • chenz

      these phones are cheaper as they don’t really have much of the quality… the brand is still new and still need to be experimented

      of course, blackberry has been there for so long but its a bit expensive

      the designs are almost the same… the good thing about these phones is that you can use 3 SIM in one phone so you don’t need to bring 3 phones with you.

      it has TV as well and wifi to browse the net.

      but quality wise, I say average…

  • chrystalle

    just wanna ask if possible poh b na ma installan ng flash player ung q300 ng cherry mobile pra makapanood ng youtube or hndi tlga?.. tnx poh..

    • nope. even if pwede it won’t be a good experience due to the slow processor.

  • jason

    i recently have tq800, yung sim3 hindi nakakareceive ng txt, you need to turn your phone OFF para malaman mo kung may pumasok na messages… and note na meron mga unit na may sim3 and trackball bug, pag eto nabili mo e-uupgrade lang yung unit mo, pero still, ganun parin ang sira… pinalitan ng torque yung una kong nabili kasi nagalit tlaga ko, pero yung pinalit na hindi kasama sa sim3 and track ball issues, ganun parin… hindi tlaga kaya ang triple sim… ewan ko lang yung sa trident, am seeking help na nga sa NTC para mairefund yung pera ko. DONT BUY TQ800… it SUCKS…

    • jhm0220

      baka memory full ang sim txt capacity mu.nangyari n rin saken yan. napansin q puno n pla. d kc supported ang sim3 nia. yung sim1 1,000 messages plus sim memory at ganun din sim2. sim3 sim memory lang kya pag full eto d tlga matatanggap mga txts mu. sa trckball normal lang sa mejo bago since mechanical issues yan pro in the long run gaganda rin ikot niyan. if di ka p rin convinced, better sell your tq800 at dmi nag aabang nian. ng nakabili aq last week it took me a month b4 aq nakakita.halos ilang malls sa manila pinuntahan q for that pro sa sm pampanga p aq nakakita. 1 of 6 units lang yun since papunta aq nueva ecija nagdeposit muna aq at bka mawala sa puntahan q. pagbalik q d following day saken n lang naiwan. if i were you jason kumuha k n lang ng high end phone o internationally recognized branded cp na dual sim like, nokia, LG, at samsung. pagbili mu naman ng tq800 mababasa mu n china phone eto eh. it just didn’t met your expectation kya disappointed ka. sana nagbasa k muna ng mga threads about d unit pra d ka ganu nagexpect ng malaki brod.

      • Jelo

        kakabili ko lang ng Trident Q300, memory full ako sa YM tapos makakatanggap ako ng chat sa Sun pero Error ang sending ko. 1gig lang kc ang memory ko. Kailangan ko bang mas malaki na memory?

  • Cheever

    Yung price ba nito ngayon na P4,990.00 ehh ngayong December lang dahil sa Christmas Discount ohh talagang nagmura na talaga ang price nito?

  • Cheever

    Yung price ba nito ngayon na P4,990.00 ehh ngayong December lang dahil sa Christmas ohh talagang bumaba na ta;aga ang price nito?

  • michael

    aqo, e2 gm8 q ngaun trident.., auz xa gmitin.., opera mini gm8 q. maauz tv, music, lahat..,

  • Rudy

    cherry mobile likes to lie, they told me that the Q300 trident 3 sim works in the USA but it is all BS, and they do not have any customer support because they never answer my many e-mails i have sent to them, this my second fone from them, the firs one works but the second does not, even the salesmen said it will work in the USA but he lied to me, i will cont. to send cherry mobile e-mails and i will be going to the PI soon to confront them. to be cont.

  • kuji

    i just got q300 ayos naman xa except that ung wallpaper palaging bumabalik sa cherry mobile logo kahit pinalitan ko na xa…and can anyone help paano mg-add ng music sa list ng audio player…as far as my q300 is concern, ok na ok sya.ung wifi nya ok,battery ok rin.di pa lng talga ako marunong ng husto d2 sa phone ko.

    • kuji off mo sa setting ung shakecontrol sa wall paper, try mong kalikutin ung setting pra makibasado mo ung pag gamit… dagdag ko lng… ung flaslight wla kc sa manual,ung on nyan pag nka keypad lock sa may ilalim ng volume sa gilid ung may icon na camera. ung memory nyan up to 8 gig ang expandable,malilito ung bumili kc ung sa box nka lagay 4 gig lng. sa mga issue dati sa trident wla nman akong na encounter gaya ng late na txt sa 3rd sim at wifi ok nman except d klang mkpag bukas ng you tube.. pro possible prin sa nabasa ko sa isang forum na nkpag open sya sa you tube basta makapag download ka ng boltinstaller,pro d ko pa sya na try, pwede mo ring gawing tatlo ang ringtone mo at tatlo ang msg alert tone mo pra mas cool… sa mga gustong gawing retail tong phone na to hanggang dlwa lng ang pwede kc wla ng sim menu sa sim three nito. maraming eror sa phone na to dati kya nag dlwang isip ako bumili bka sayang lng pera.,pro nung nabalitaan ko na enuprgade nila ung phone na to try ko nring bumili and sa ngaun masasabi ko na sulit ung phone na to sa features in a cheaper price.

  • rhen

    meron bang yahoo messenger ang q300? at kaya ba nitong magplay ng youtube videos and video ng ibang sites?

  • dred ocampo

    im planning to buy torque trinity tq800,anyone have an idea how much this unit now?thanks

  • Prince

    sir ask lang po alin po ba sa dalawa ang mas maganda when it comes to gaming and internet connectivity.

    • wala… or pareho lang. it’s not ideal for gaming and internet since maliit lang yung screen. although you would get the same experience from both.

  • tine fatale

    kanina i went to mobile shop and muntik na ako bumili ng Q300. i asked the sales lady kung lagi bang naka stand bye yung 3 sims. sabi nya kailangan pang i turn off yung isang sim para lang mag activate yung isa pang sim.. nalungkot naman daw ako dun.. kaya nga ako bibili ng trident kasi gusto ko naka stand by yung 3 sim eh… yung torque hindi ko pa sya nakikita anu ba mas maganda sa kanila? makakapag yahoo na din ba na parang naka blackberry ka? please enlighten me pls.. ano ba mas maganda?

    • pretty baby

      I’m using a Trident Q300 and the 3 sims works simultaneously here in the Philippines. Haven’t tried it in another country. Probably the sales lady doesn’t have an idea on what she is selling.

      • christophe

        been to europe, us, china, india and kl and it’s working fine

  • jerald

    guys need some help.!
    pwd pa maka panood ng youtube xa q300? anu kailangan? flashplayer? panu maka download? salamat

  • meow

    im using Q300… Long life battery po , akala ko nun china phone ang cherry mobile hnd pala.eheheh try ninyo po, mas mura po kasi local made, hnd naman kasi kapag sinabi local hnd magandang klase. Kaya lang naman mahal imported kasi may patong sa tax and transportation. Think about it…oh diba hehehe

  • laurice parcia

    san mall po ba nakakabili ng torque phones? and available po b dito s pilipinas un mga accessories ng torque?

    • halos lahat ng mall meron torque. try mo sa mga SM or Robinson’s.

  • wein

    hmmp sana makabili ako ng tq800 at sana maganda ang quality nitong unit para sa negosyong pang-load ko

  • anonymous

    ano maganda ung torque o cherry mobile?

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