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Toshiba Regza RZ1, world’s first glasses-free 3D TV with Quad FHD display

We just came from a Toshiba press launch where they unveiled what’s arguably the mother of ALL TVs, their Regza RZ1. Instead of focusing on having the thinnest or the best-looking TV in the market, Toshiba gunned for being the first in the market with its overachieving display and 3D feature.


The Regza RZ1 TV will leave you breathless with its world’s first Quad Full HD display panel. That’s 4 times the 1920 x 1080 resolution of a Full HD display. That’s a whopping 3840 x 2160 resolution! That’s 8 million pixels on a 55-inch screen! Granted there’s not a lot (or probably none) of freely available videos out there that is recorded in Quad FHD but this TV just gives the brightest and crispiest image I’ve seen. It will literally make you salivate.

Aside from having that ultra high resolution, the Toshiba Regza RZ1 is also the first TV in the market to have a glasses-free 3D display. No need to worry about misplacing those 3D glasses, or making sure that they still have batteries, simply experience 3D viewing with your own naked eyes with this TV.

If you want to be geeky and learn how Toshiba accomplished this, the Regza RZ1 TV utilizes the Regza Engine CEVO DUO S which generates 9 parallax images and projects them onto the panel. These images are then passed through special lenticular lenses to deliver these images accurately through each eye simultaneously thus achieving the 3D effect without the need for dedicated 3D glasses.


Wipe that blood off your nose because your jaw will drop if you learn about its price. The Toshiba Regza RZ1 comes in only a 55-inch model and will retail for around Php600,000. In other words, forget about it. Toshiba is clearly just showcasing this TV around while achieving the bragging rights to be the first in the market to ship a glasses-free 3D TV with a 4-megapixel display resolution.

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