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Toshiba unveils complete enterprise storage solutions

With the huge amount of data available in the Internet right now, it kind of makes you think: Where are all those data being stored? The demand for higher storage capacity to support Ultra-HD videos, high resolution photos and CPU-intensive games certainly increases. For companies, data is everything. It is the blood life of their business. Crucial information including client details, financial reports and business strategies must be stored securely and make sure company data are backed up.


To address the varying needs of customers and the different storage requirements of their specific devices, Toshiba introduced its wide lineup of storage devices ranging from portable disk drives, NAS drives, solid state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD) to fit the storage needs of customers, from personal to large-scale businesses last August 14, 2013 at the Discovery Suites, Pasig City.

In 1984, Toshiba invented what we have come to know as the “˜flash memory’. Three years later, they came up with the NAND technology, which later on became an internationally standardized memory device. Since then, our definition of data storage has changed. The launch of the next-generation of enterprise storage solutions will allow customers to optimize business data management across all tiers.

The Client SSDs combine multi-level-cell (MLC) NAND flash technology with a high performance flash controller for improved performance to support high-end PC applications. Meanwhile, the Enterprise SSDs and HDDs are equipped with high-speed and high-capacity drives capable of handling massive data.

Among the wide range of products are the Enterprise SSD, Mission Critical HDD, Enterprise Nearline HDD, 3.5-inch Desktop HDD, Client SSD, 2.5-inch Mobile HDD, 2.5-inch Hybrid Drive, and external hard drives. For Toshiba portable hard drives, the Canvio line is mostly compact and ranges from 500GB to 2TB and is perfect for users requiring more storage capacity while mobile at the same time. For mid-line enterprise, Toshiba released the Nearline Series. Minimum storage for this line is 4TB, and features a 24/7 operation, MTBF (Meantime Between Failures) of 1.2 Million hours and standard ECC (Error Correction Code). Businesses that require larger data storages may opt for the Enterprise SSDs and HDDs with varying specs, or even a hybrid to ensure reliability of data sharing and backup solution at much lower cost.

To know more about Toshiba’s Enterprise Storage Solutions, visit their website at: www.toshiba.com/.

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