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Trip Maps using Location Based Services

I used the Smart Communications Location Based Service (LBS) to get the latitude/longitude of a trip I took today. I then plotted it using this Google Maps API map of Bulacan, Nueva Ecija and Pampanga.

The mobile service is not open to the public, though. Would this be a good service to offer as a value added service?

On the parts of the Philippine map in high resolution – the brown parts covering parts of Bulacan and Pampanga – it’s obvious that the LBS is inaccurate. A GPS receiver could be useful in getting correct geo info. Where can I buy one locally? I don’t need mapping capability, just the ability to save readings and give them names.

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  • Hi, Migs. I think most people would like to use a map and GPS to plot where they’re going rather than where they’ve been. 😉 Anyway, that’s just conventional me speaking.

    That said, the resolution on the map is a bit too coarse, even at the highest setting.

    Great start for an application, though.

  • Thanks. Thing is, the latitudes/longitudes are not easy to find for local destination. So, the app is like a blog with the geo info.

  • I think you need a good GPS with a base-station to provide you with a differential GPS and improve Long/Lat info. It’s quite a big business for local companies here to make Map and Location-based technologies. I used to workf for a company called findme.com.ph. They were on the right track back then but wasn’t able to keep up with the latest technologies. They’re still with Visual Basic/C++. If they had pushed web-based applications, they’d be one of the top tech companies today.

  • I don’t think we have GPS base stations here?

    It doesn’t matter much since Google Maps for the Philippines are low resolution.

    • Gl3nborj

      Yes we do have relay stations here…

  • “I don’t think we have GPS base stations here?

    It doesn’t matter much since Google Maps for the Philippines are low resolution. ”

    We do. DA BAR and NAMRIA, I think, have set up GPS base stations nationwide. But, yeah, it doesn’t matter because Philippine GMaps are low-res. I’ve been wondering how we can make use of sat maps provided by NAMRIA and the DA BAR GIS lab.

  • The NAMRIA standad license does not allow map redistribution. Maybe someone can get a special license from them?

  • lrgalvez

    Most of Metro Manila is now high resolution in Google map. Parts of Davao and Cebu have high resolution satellite images also.

    If you are interested in finding places in the Philippines, I have a database of 10,000 waypoints that are searchable. The waypoint, when clicked, can be seen in a Google map alongside it. Information such as the latitude and longitude are included.

    Here’s a sample of Expo Filipino in Pampanga. url is

    If you arer interested in just getting the latitude and longitude of a place, then go to my other google map at
    This map allows one to mark locations by clicking on the map. Once the locations have been marked, one can then print out all plotted points as an xml file.

    Regards to all,


  • lrgalves, that’s great. I found your site earlier when I was going through waypoints.ph.

    But, I believe this is hosted in your home server? So it’s down at the moment. Hope you can bring it up permanently.

  • apollotan

    There is GPS road maps of Metro Manila made by Mapking ( http://www.mapasia.com ). I think it’s the only software that has the road map of Metro Manila.

    If you’re using a pocket pc or laptop, you can use a GPS Bluetooth Receiver to get your position.

    I’m selling GPS Bluetooth Receiver – call me 0917-425-6623.

  • JMAJ

    Been reading through your comments. It’s quite disappointing that we don’t have that much available data for Metro Manila much more the Philippines. I do use bluetooth enabled GPS NAvman connected to my Palm device in the States and much of Western Europe and that’s just simply awesome. Been trying to see if the FindME Location based services have evolved and unfortunately it actually hasn’t since then. Still frozen on the Alpha version???Urgghhh!!! JUst a tip though, you may be able to buy a full street level map of metro Manila all bundled in a Magellan unit at Viking Cars/Volvo in Pasong TAmo. THe Mapking earlier mentioned may be fancy but street level wise very inaccurate and incomplete.Not much data on side streets and the last time i checked and used it, only as good as Ortigas area northwards. There’s a a new one offering maps at A&A Geoinformatics corporation. Claims to be street level and zoomable and GPS ready. Hope it’s as good as most maps available abroad with all the POIs. MOre power to you guys!!! I’m just an end- user. Hope you can come up with things truly useful for everyone!!!

    Dr. JMAJ

  • check http://freewebs.com/phroadguide fully garmin compatible maps for philippines

  • If ever you will be interested in GPS-based vehicle tracking, we are the provider of it’s products and services. An AVL (automatic vehicle Locator) unit will be install in your vehicle that will collect data from GPS satellites and report vehicle position to our servers, and that will inturn process the data and make them available thru the Internet or your mobile phone. Location on maps can be viewed in your PCs. It has capabilities like over-speeding alert, over-staying alert, immobilizer, geo-fencing and many others.
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  • Ariel

    Any of you guys know about http://aloo.ph (alooph)? It looks like a location-based social networking site for filipinos. Haven’t really played around with it but it looks promising…