Try Ubuntu


There is little excuse not to give Ubuntu a try.  The latest release (6.0.6 LTS) comes with a Live CD distribution, which means that you don’t even have to install it and clobber your Windows PC—it runs straight out of the CD.  It already contains a browser (Firefox), an email client (Evolution), an image editor (Gimp), an IM client (Gaim), a media player, and an office suite (Open Office).   The OS is intuitive, the GUI is very friendly—if you are used to Windows, then the learning curve is almost non-existent.
My thoughts (and initial experience) on Ubuntu are at Technopinoy. But so far Ubuntu will make for a serious alternative for internet cafes who want to avoid spending on Windows licenses, as well as for parents who want to ensure that their children don’t waste time in games.

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  • Wheeeeeeee! 🙂 Then again, I might be biased 😀 Hmmm. Your post reminded me that I ought to compile a custom kernel for my ThinkPad. (My ThinkPad is an R30 and the newer kernels don’t seem to work right on it.)

    Ubuntu is pretty usable 🙂 Easy to manage. More or less. But one of the things sorely needed in Linux is a relatively easy to use graphics manipulation app.

  • vmyap

    I’ve tried it and its currently installed on my other drive. I’ll say, its not for real beginners. He should likely asked a friend or someone willing to install it for me, there are some parts that windows users will find annoying with ubuntu’s out of the box install. He must download every thing on the net to actually play anything on Ubuntu; codecs, wine, etc..

    Even synaptics and new gnome add remove applications won’t do justice kasi nga maraming versions of the files na lalabas when you search for a certain application/s and it makes it harder to choose which one should a person install unlike with windows kung anong file lang ang gagana sa system yung lang kailngan mo idownload.

    Well, kahit hindi sya for real beginners and out of the box system, it is still a good nix os, stable and fast. No viruses like windows.

  • vmyap

    *me – him

  • PoshNeya

    i have a little excuse, its called Bayanihan Linux. =)

  • I have it running on my home desktop (which I rarely use), my work laptop VMware Server hosted by Windows, and now on our office server VMware server – for Java dev.

  • pinoyskull

    i’ve been using Ubuntu since version 5.04 primary for work, and I must say that im very satisfied with it, with the new version 6.06 im using the KDE Ubuntu (Kubuntu) 🙂

    @Mon Solo
    as for Ubuntu as an alterative to windows on cybercafe’s, not yet, it still lacks support for Network/Online Games which is the bread and butter for most cybercafe’s out there

    under Ubuntu or Linux, you can use Gimp which is pretty good

    I dont know dude but I tried it before and I didnt like it, but its my opinion anyway *peace*

  • Pinoyskull: I don’t find Gimp very intuitive… Or easy to use for that matter.

  • laosboyme

    weeeeeeeeeeeee….I hate Brown Change your theme by doing this method….System>Preference>theme….

  • laosboyme

    I could say that its not really for begginers but i like it more than windows(kahit indi nya lamang ang windows sa graphics.)