Turn your iPad into a netbook with ClamCase

When the iPad came out, people think that it would never replace your notebook. Probably it won’t but with the ClamCase, it will come close to doing it.

clamcaseThe ClamCase is a keyboard case for the iPad which will turn the it into a makeshift netbook. You probably won’t use its chiclet keyboard most of the time but it would still make a decent case with a quick release for your iPad. It also has a hinge that can be rotated 360┬║ to turn it into a viewing stand for your tablet.

According to its technical specifications, it has a built-in rechargeable battery (Li-Po) to power the BlueTooth keyboard. It would be nice if the iPad can also be connected via USB and draw power from it.

I’ve seen other keyboard case (from China) for the iPad but the ClamCase is the most stylish and has the best implementation. The ClamCase goes for $119 but it’s currently sold out and will only ship to the US first. Worldwide shipping will start late this year.

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