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Turn your iPod nano 6th gen into a wristwatch

Well it’s bound to happen. When we saw the squarish-shape and touch display of the iPod nano, my friends told me it looks like something you could wear on your wrist”¦ if only there’s a wrist strap holder/case for it.


It seems that a lot of people are thinking the same thing and the first one to capitalize on the idea is iLoveHandles. Their Rock Band is made of genuine leather strap with a special notch for your to attach via your nano’s built-in clip.

Now if only the nano has a built-in Bluetooth then you don’t have to worry about the wire crawling on your arm when you actually want to use it.


The Rock Band costs $19.95 but for a cheaper alternative, you might want to get the $17 non-leather watch strap from County Comm.

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  • How secure is this though? Can you run in these straps?

  • ana

    I just want to know where can i buy this.

    • hi ana. haven’t seen it here yet.

  • hey I want to buy that type of wristwatch for my ipad nano.. how much??

    • there are already lots of those in stores in varying designs and prices. check power mac center or istudio or other apple resellers.