TV+mobile auctions

My neighbor’s TV was blaring once again the other night. Thanks to my neighbor’s, I caught a blow-by-blow account of the Pinoy Big Brother proceedings while I tried to get some work done.

I overheard that they were doing an auction of T-shirts designed by Pinoy Big Brother housemates.

Siyempre, my mind started to imagine, “œHow will they conduct the bidding? How will they receive payments?”

I started to imagine that this could be one way to push the use of m-commerce. You can win an auction by bidding with your mobile-currency via cellphone.

Doing it via TV will be a perfect way to promote the m-commerce service … whether it’s Smart Money and/or G-Cash or Sun-perang muta.

ka edong

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  • They did it through the website, i dont think through the TV

  • jett

    Meron pang na-bore at pinost din ang mga items sa ( .

    Walang kwenta na talaga ang eBay dito sa atin. Daming “fake” items

  • yeah at ang taas ng bid sa ebay. peke talaga. Ung bidding sa website yata ng pinoybigbrother..

  • there was also an auction of regine velasquez’s gowns over tv. pero via telephone ata ang bids.

    ka edong

  • ricecooker is an auction site which is mobile-enabled. i think the problem lies in the fact that there is still no stable(or widely useable) internet payment gateway in the phils.

    not to mention the fact that filipinos don’t trust each other. hence, the ‘ebay’ style of transacting is very different from the filipino ‘kaliwaan’ way.