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Twimbow is the most awesome web-based Twitter client

Where do I start with this? I’ve been using Twimbow for just a couple of days and I’m already seeing the benefits of having it as my Twitter client.

Twimbow is a web-based Twitter client that’s fully loaded with features and a very nice-looking interface. I would say it’s better than TweetDeck in the sense that you don’t have to install anything. If you have a browser, you’ll have Twimbow. This is good if you keep on switching machines or don’t have admin rights to install apps on your PC.


One of my first requirement for a Twitter client is the support for multiple accounts. Twimbow can do that without a problem and you can switch between accounts quite easily.


Twimbow has three main columns: Personal Buzz, Home Buzz and Search. You can disable the search column by turning on Compact view in the Settings menu.

Personal Buzz has everything that concerns your account. Your tweets, mentions, DMs, retweets and favorites. Each are color-coded so it’s easy to view what’s important. You can also filter out each category if you want to keep your Personal Buzz column simple.


Home Buzz is where you will find the tweets of those you follow. It can get really confusing if you follow a lot of people and this is where Twimbow shines. You can color-code Twitter accounts that you’re following using the whole color spectrum! Have a color for friends, for news, blogs, or what have you. And if your stream becomes too noisy, you can easily filter what’s being displayed by turning off specific colors.

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Those are the main features that I’ve been using so far. With Twimbow, there’s also a URL shortener and image uploader via bit.ly and pikchur respectively. Oh you can also view Twitter images from the client itself, no need to launch a new window.


There are other features that I’ve yet to explore or use like the monitor and reading pane. There’s also the music player that allows you to search songs via Youtube, play and share it to your friends.

What can I say? I’m loving Twimbow. The only thing I would want from it is to customize the colors and probably the font style of the client. There’s an option to switch the theme to a light one but that’s it. No big deal though.

Right now Twimbow is via invite only but I have a handful of invites in my account. If you want to try it out, follow us at @officialptb and let us know so I can DM to you your invitation.

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  • Riclags

    Tweetdeck does have a web app so you don’t need to install it to the PC. Although it’s currently available for Chrome only for the meantime.

    I’d like an invite so I followed @officialPTB and asked for one. I do hope I get one. 🙂

  • Agree with the reply above. Although this one looks promising though too colorful for me.

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