Two-in One Prepaid Internet Card

I haven’t encountered yet an Internet Service Provider where you can use a prepaid internet card for an hour of Wi-Fi connectivity (via Airborne Access) or 20 hours of internet or you can use the card for both. It has reminded me of Globe’s G2P where you can switch from Post-paid to pre-paid and vice versa. Of course this service is not from Globe but from their competitor with a prepaid internet brand that we’re going to hide in the name of Blast. Now this is what I wanted to see coming from the competitors.

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  • jeannie2b

    i’ve used a prepaid card for 20hrs of dial up service or an hour for Wi-Fi connectivity or for both…its called [email protected] internet card. its quite affordable and moderately fast for dial-up

  • Tessa

    yup, correct. [email protected] does offer dual access, dial-up and Wi-Fi. you can go to to check.

  • This is a great way to balance your budget, and watch what you spend. So, if you want to only spend $500 for the month, put it on the card, and you’re set to go!