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Two underrated features of the iPod nano that I like

As an owner of the iPod Touch, I could care less about iPod classic, nano and the shuffle. However during a press release showcasing the new family of iPods, I got really interested about the nano and its new features.


Of course you already know about the video camera so I won’t be hyping too much about it anymore. The much-wider screen makes it easy to watch clips on the nano by the way.

One of the less-known new features of the iPod nano that I like is the built-in mic. With it’s diminutive size, the iPod nano can be your back-up digital voice recorder in a pinch. It’s more likely that you would carry an mp3 player than a voice recorder anyway.

Another feature that I like is the FM radio especially its support for iTunes tagging. Although I don’t think our radio stations have iTunes tagging yet but it’s one cool feature that most people don’t know about.


If a radio station has iTunes tagging enabled, whenever you hear a cool song that you don’t own yet, you can tag it and the information (title, artist, album) will be stored in your iPod. When you sync your iPod in iTunes, you will have a reference of the songs that you tagged.

Cool huh? To FM Radio stations out there, support iTunes tagging and you will have a boost of iPod users tuning in to your station.

The new iPod nano is already available in 9 colors and is priced at P8790 for the 8GB and P10490 for the 16GB. The red and yellow version is exclusive to the Apple Store by the way.

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  • whoa, P10490 for the 16GB? soo nice huh! i’m not so much into music, but i think this is a perfect present for a loved one!

  • Would never buy it for myself. For music toy lovers – great gift.