Ubuntu is in the Mail

Got a package this morning from Ubuntu 5.04. All 12 CD installers are in it — 10 for Intel x86, 1 for PowerPC and 1 for AMD64/EM64T. I requested these many months ago and thought they wouldn’t send me my free copy. T’was a surprise I got them now.

Ubuntu is an operating system consisting entirely of free and open source software. They release a new version every six months so you’re fairly updated.

They’re shipping the CDs free of charge and encourage people to re-distribute the software to as many people as possible. Just go to their site at ShipIt.Ubuntu.com and request for your copy. They will then send it to you by mail from The Netherlands (that’s what my package says). They’ll even send them by the hundreds if you are to distribute them in a conference or seminar of sorts.

Anyway, I will bring several copies to our PTB Meetup this Saturday, so leave a comment if you want a copy.

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  • Can’t wait for mine too… The three architecture flavors really suits up to the machines I use: 2 x86, 1 AMD64 and 1 Power.

  • Got 20 copies For x86, 10 for AMD64, 10 for PPC in the mail a couple of weeks ago.

    Gave away 2 copies for x86 to a couple of friends).

    Will bring some, too on Saturday.

  • Which release is this? Warty? Breezy is supposed to be out next week… I am running Breezy preview on my office computer now. =)

  • Jerome Gotangco

    Breezy (Ubuntu 5.10) will be out on October 13. Don’t worry though, those 5.04 dics are still supported 🙂

  • sylver

    so, no need for me to send them an email since you guys are bringing a copy on saturday. 🙂

  • It does take a while. I first got Ubuntu late last year. It took a few months to get to me. My neighbor though go his even later. Somehow his package went through a few European cities before going to the US. Great piece of software, it detected all the hardware on my notebook as well as mounting my 300gig external HD as read only. Only problem I have now is that wireless doesn’t work, the external HD is read only, and I want WPA instead of WEP, but first I need to get basic WEP to work.

  • i also requested for some free CD’s..can’t wait to get my hands on them, share it with friends and also try it out. 🙂

  • Hey, I might be there. Can I join you guys? 😉

  • just picked up my ubuntu 5.10 today.