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UK audio accessory brand Gear4 now available in the country

Gear4 is a popular brand in the UK for both the docking audio and MP3 accessory markets and they recently partnered with one of the leading IT distributor in the country, Iontech Inc., to give us a taste of speaker docks straight from the UK. They will be bringing their wide range of audio accessories in the country ranging from home speaker docks, portable speaker docks, and alarm clock docks.


For the home they have the Airzone Series 1 (Php11,590) which is a high-performance stereo speaker that supports Apple AirPlay for lossless wireless music streaming. The HouseParty Rise 2 Wireless (Php6,490) will give you aptX Bluetooth coding technology for wireless music on a full-sized package with full alarm clock functionality. For clear acoustics and thumping bass on a small package then the HouseParty 4-Evo (Php4,590) speaker dock is for you.


Take your speakers to the streets or at the beach or wherever with Gear4’s range of portable speakers. HouseParty Portable Wireless (Php6,690) gives you aptX Bluetooth technology for lossless wireless music in a portable package that can go for up to 16 hours using its power management settings. StreetParty Wireless (Php3,690) is a compact wireless speaker with stereo sound and speakerphone function that can go up to 8 hours of operation even at max volume. StreetParty Size 0 v2 (Php3,590) is an ultraportable speaker dock at just 16mm thin and weighs only 0.71 lbs and is powered by AAA batteries or an AC outlet if you want to use it as an Apple charging dock.


Gear4 also has innovative alarm clock docks. The Renew SleepClock (Php10,190) is the only alarm clock designed to help you sleep better. The non-contact sleep monitor will help lull you to sleep and wake you up at the best time with your favorite music. The AlarmDock Halo 2 (Php4,490) gives you full alarm clock functionality, animated weather display on dimmable LCD and comes with a long and short range wireless remote control.


If you want to use your iOS device as a universal remote control, you’ll gonna love Gear4’s Unity Remote (Php3,790). This little gadget has a 360 IR transmission that will turn your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as a universal remote for all of your IR devices with the use of Gear4 Unity Remote App. Perfect for having a single device to control your home entertainment system.


For the kids Gear4 also has a bunch of Angry Birds speaker docks. These docks have dedicated subwoofer and bass control in a cute package that will appeal to Angry Birds fans. The Red Bird (Php3,390) has a mobile device stand while Helmet Pig (Php4,690) and Black Bird (Php4,990) is also a charging dock for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Gear4 Speaker docks and accessories are available at major consumer electronics and IT retailers nationwide.

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  • Griswold

    haven’t heard of this brand yet. Which brand can you compare it to? Parang logitech ba?

    PS. Good to have the site back again sir!

  • I’m definitely going to get one of these at the end of the

  • Nurarihyon

    New brand? Where I can see this things?