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Unboxing the Samsung Series 9 Notebook

Take a look what we have here. It’s the black MacBook Air! Samsung’s premium notebook, the Samsung Series 9 packaged just how an exceptional notebook should be presented.

Samsung Series 9 Samsung Series 9

When you buy a Samsung Series 9 notebook, you won’t get the traditional carton box but instead it’s inside an elegant square box. The flap opens holding your precious new toy inside.

Samsung Series 9

The lower portion houses the paltry of accessories it comes with and is opened via a magnetic flap.

Samsung Series 9 Samsung Series 9

What you’ll get is an RJ45 jack adapter for your LAN cable. And also your power charger with a mini-tip that looks like those connector tips used in Nokia phones. The other small thing is just the L-adapter for the charger. What’s missing? There’s no HDMI adapter included. The Series 9 has an HDMI out but it’s the small one used in mobile phones so you still need an adapter to connect your regular HDMI cable.

Samsung Series 9

See how thin this baby is? At its thinnest point it only measure 0.64-inches, slimmer than MacBook Air’s 0.68-inch. But it’s not just about who’s really the slimmest. It’s all about the performance as well. We did a first impression on the Samsung Series 9 notebook a while back and we’ll be doing a full review real soon so watch out for it.

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  • Air21

    Mas mahal po b yung alienware laptop compared to this?

  • mmmmm… it’s slim alright and much lighter but I don’t think I can live without the ports I needed and I always have to bring those adapters just for me to be able to use let’s say hooking it on a LAN.

    • Messie

      If your working with such sammy 9, having it connected with a LAN cable is a fugly sight. You should have it connected via wi-fi na lang.

      • Yup. Pero in an office environment LAN talaga dapat. Sayang talaga walang hdmi adapter.

  • Messie

    Kailan kaya labas ng Series 10 para magmura na tong Series 9? ahehe

  • chris uy

    same here, how much kaya sa market?

    • this 13-inch Series 9 goes for P79,999.


  • jojo


    try before you buy…

    • how is duralumin plasticky?

      • Akee

        where did you bought it?