Understanding the new 2010 Intel Core Processor Family

Intel recently introduced their first processor offering of the year in the Philippine market, the 2010 Intel Core Processor family. Just like what they did with the new Intel Atom (N450), the new Intel Core i7, i5 and i3 processors feature an integrated high-definition graphics inside the processor.

Intel Core i3, i5 and i7

I’ve seen their demos and I’m pretty impressed especially with the Core i5. The question most people would want to ask is, how do they differ from last year’s i7 and i5 aside from the integrated graphics? Here’s a summary:

Intel Core i7 (610E, 620LE, 620UE)

These new Core i7’s are not made for desktop but are geared towards mobile computing. With its 32nm architecture, these quad-core processors can achieve a low 18W TDP which makes them ultra-low voltage which is perfect for laptops. Previous mobile Core i7’s has a 45W TDP.

Intel Core i5 (6xx series for desktop and 5xx for mobile)

Last year’s Core i5 processor (i5-750) have four cores while the new 6xx series only have two. However, the new Core i5 has Hyper-Threading enabled which gives it virtually four cores at a lower price point. It also retains the Turbo Boost technology for automatic over-clocking when needed if the other core is unused.

To test the power of its integrated HD graphics, they demoed the game Modern Warfare 2 on a Core i5-661 system without the use of a video card and it ran surprisingly smooth in its normal settings (not just the cinematics mind you). It’s that good. Mainstream gamers would want this processor.

The Core i5 mobile series also benefits from Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost technology.

Intel Core i3

The Core i3 processor for both desktop and mobile is similar with the Core i5 but with Turbo Boost disabled. Two cores with Hyper-Threading is still better than the old Core 2 Duos which doesn’t have it.

Due to the graphics being integrated in the processor, these new Intel Core family requires the new socket LGA1156 motherboard. Just like motherboards with integrated graphics, you can still use a dedicated graphics card if you wish.

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  • Not many cpus being released.