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UNICEF gets Mobile Education Van from Sony Ericsson

As part of the “œI-Share ang Saya” campaign, Sony Ericsson in partnership with Ericsson Philippines and SM Supermalls has donated a mobile education van to support the UNICEF Mobile Education and Child Protection Program.

Mobile Education Van

The mobile education van is specially equipped with teaching materials and communication equipment like a laptop and mobile broadband access that will be used to reach children on the streets.

UNICEF has also partnered with Lingap Pangkabataan who trains street educators and social workers to provide support services like counseling, life skills education, parenting sessions for adults and caregivers, reintegration of the children to public schools or referral to Alternative Learning Sessions (ALS) or vocational skills training. They will be the ones who will utilize the mobile education van and reach out to street children.

What a great way for Sony Ericsson, Ericsson Philippines and SM Supermalls to contribute to our community. Giving street children an education, a childhood and a chance of a better future.

You too can help. By purchasing Sony Ericsson phones, like the new Viva and Elm, part of the proceeds will help bring joy to children through UNICEF.

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