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Unilab Link-Up calls for crowd sourcing for a better tomorrow

The world as we know it has achieved greater things over time; things which really started from small ideas. Steve Jobs had a vision of technology’s future and his legacies only proved people’s sense of the possible.

width="258"You must be wondering why we would be writing about a leading healthcare provider. As an advocate of programs that give people a voice like how blogs are essentially all about, PTB wants to help Unilab spread the word about a country’s first, web-based crowd sourcing facility called Link-Up. United Laboratories, Inc., or UNILAB is a leading Filipino healthcare and wellness company with its success rooted in the Filipino tradition of working together called Bayanihan. Inspired by this tradition, UNILAB introduces Link-Up to collaborate directly with consumers.

Meeting up with the company’s key people last Monday over a hearty meal at Milky & Sunny in Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig, I found a sincere desire in them to hear what it is that people really need and make it happen. Unilab’s Link-Up innovation does not only encourage ideas for new products, but is also open for ideas that can help them reach wider markets faster and better through the use of technologies we have at hand.

If you have something in mind that you strongly believe can improve lives; may it be something that caters to your health and wellness like a new product, innovative packaging or even a mobile application like a health tracker on your Android phone, Unilab has opened its doors outside of its boundaries to find better solutions for our changing health needs.

Share your idea by registering to their website: http://unilablinkup.com and it will be evaluated through a 4-level review process. If your idea passes the second review stage by which you will become UNILAB’s Innovation Partner, Unilab shall grant Php5,000 worth of gift pack. Again, your idea will undergo another set of review process and if meets the quality standards of Unilab, you will receive Php50,000 after the commercial launch of your innovation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a consumer, a supplier, or simply an inspired individual concerned with enriching Filipino communities but lacking the resources ““ simply put, your ideas count and Unilab’s willing to help you put them into action.

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