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Unilab wants you to be their innovation partner

Tapping the minds of millions of Filipinos, Unilab is looking for innovation partners to help build a brighter and healthier nation.

width="258"With Unilab’s Link-up program, you can turn your ideas to serve the health, wellness and personal care needs of communities into reality. Anything that will improve the well-being of people and the community, Unilab is urging you to partner with them to make that idea come true.

A lot of Filipinos are probably stuck with an innovative idea but don’t really know how to proceed into making it come true. They may not have the financial capabilities or the extended research support to make that seed of a great idea flourish and that’s where Unilab comes in. They want you to be their innovation partner. You supply the idea, and they will take care of the resources to make it happen.

Submit your idea by registering to their website: http://unilablinkup.com where it will be evaluated through a 4-level review process. If your idea passes the second review stage by which you will become UNILAB’s Innovation Partner, Unilab shall grant Php5,000 worth of gift pack. Again, your idea will undergo another set of review process and if meets the quality standards of Unilab, you will receivePhp50,000 after the commercial launch of your innovation.

Who knows? You might end up with a personal satisfaction that you just helped a lot of Filipino.

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