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Unleash the Kraken, Heavy Duty iPad 2 Case From Trident

Surprisingly, not a lot of case have been made to make the iPad 2 really childproof. Sure there are child-friendly cases out there but only a handful can completely protect the iPad from a child.

First and foremost, you want to protect the iPad from bumps and drops. Then you also want to protect the screen from scratches and getting poked at with other objects. Finally, you want to protect the ports and buttons from gunks or liquids.

trident kraken 1

What we got here is the Kraken from Trident which offers complete protection to the iPad 2 and iPad 3G. Sure it makes your slim iPad rather bulky but if your kid uses it a lot, you want the case as tough as it can be.

trident kraken 2

The Kraken for the iPad 2 is comprised of two parts: the silicone sleeve which adds a layer of protection within the case, and the polycarbonate case (front and back) which houses the sleeved iPad.

trident kraken 3

First thing you do is slip the iPad into the silicone sleeve. Some parts of the sleeve will protrude out of the case such as the corners to protect the edges, and also the sides for a better grip.

kraken 1 kraken kraken 7

Then the back and front polycarbonate case are clipped together to cover the iPad. There are two latches on top to firmly hold the two parts together although they don’t split up easily. The latches aren’t really toddler-friendly as there are sharp edges and it looked like it might not withstand repeated drops.

kraken 2 kraken 3

What I like about the case is that it has a built-in screen protector so you don’t have to worry about your kid poking the screen with a fork or a pen or from smudges and sticky food.

Screen sensitivity is not affected for the most part even if I already have a screen protector installed but I find it a teeny bit unresponsive when doing very quick repeated swipes. The screen protector is not really scratch proof so when it eventually acquired a lot of scratch marks, you have to replace the whole case.

kraken 4 kraken 5

It’s also nice that all ports are protected so that you don’t have to worry about your kid shoving gunk inside them. The audio jack, the 30-pin connector, the buttons are all enclosed in silicone. This also makes the iPad spill-proof. The only exposed area is the camera lens but the hole still has a rubber siding to prevent liquid from seeping in.

kraken 6

The hole on the Apple logo is protected with a plastic screen. The speaker portion on the lower left is protected by a micro dust filter, keeping out dust and debris particles.

What I find missing is a built-in stand or even a clip-on stand for this case. The Kraken makes your iPad a bit heavy and holding it while your kid watches a video can really put a strain on your wrist.

Anyway, as I said, I think there are only 3 or 4 other brands available that offers complete protection to the iPad which would make it last really long on a child’s hand and Trident’s Kraken is one of them.

trident kraken

Trident cases haven’t made their way yet in the country but you can order these Kraken for the iPad 2 online for $49.95 which I would say is fairly affordable compared to other heavy duty cases out there. It also comes in black, red, camo green and pink by the way.

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  • canuck barok

    that’s one effing big case. that will defeat portability of ipad not to mention it is already 10″.

    • yeah but when it comes kids using your ipad, you want the most protection that you can get

  • JmBalicano

    iPad and iPhone owners are really blessed with choices when it comes to cases. Every time I go to Greenhills, SM Cyberzone or Digital Walker, I see an insane amount of cases for various generations of the iPhone and iPad across various price ranges.

    This is getting frustrating as a Note owner. Heck, even when I browse through Sulit, the only Note cases I see are cheapo jelly or plastic mesh cases, or insanely expensive like at 1.5k to 2.8k! Honestly, I don’t mind paying 1.5k for a case, but the only ones I’ve seen locally are devoid of any details. Too basic.

    Still, it’s really easy to shop for a gift for my girlfriend whenever an occasion pops up. I just get an iPhone accessory.

  • This is so nice. Other than the fact that it will make your iPad heavy and bulky, they were able to make it look good rather than making it look bland.
    It’s like the best of both worlds; a hard, sturdy, childproof case that looks good!

    This is a sure buy when it arrives in the Philippines.
    Good job on the review!

  • thejorlanb

    no need. fall, drop, slip,. moto defy defies it. 😀

  • Griswold

    it looks child proof alright but it doesn’t look child-friendly. i think it’s more for people who works in the field a lot and uses the ipad.

  • Shayne

    How many days did you get your order?

  • Llewey

    can u share the link where u bought the trident case pls…i know its not sold here in the phils…thanks