Unlimited WiFi for Php1,500 a year.

This is an insider info from one of the account executives of AirborneAccess. They’re re-launching their WiFi service for an annual subscription service of only Php1,500 a year.

Yup, that’s Php1,500 for unlimited WiFi access on all their 188 hotspot locations across the country. Damn right, that’s a big bargain.

Apparently, the sales team has been given a Php8,000 bonus incentive for every 2 accounts they bring in. There’s a lock-in period for this but I am not sure how many years.

Just ask around or apply for a subscription at www.airborneaccess.net.

About AirBorneAccess: Airborne Access is a wireless ISP (wISP) that provides wireless internet connectivity at its hotspots. The service operates using technology known as 802.11b or WiFi.

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  • whooa.. hindi kaya parang sun unlimited ang kalabasan nyan?

  • Hmm … Interesting.

    Question now is speed and latency, with the congestion arising from an upsurge in users.

    But if the network can support it, why not? This may as well be the ISP and DSL killer. We’ll all just get to sit at Starbucks sipping our coffee while we waste away browsing the Web with our unlimited WiFi accounts. Ah, heaven!

  • I wish makarating yan dito sa probinsya.

  • Any more details ? like who’s the provider, what are the terms and conditions ?

    by the way, i was always curious about this. can you go to a hotspot (like a coffee shop) and just use wifi (assuming you have their internet access prepaid or are subscribed) without buying anything from the store (like coffee ?)

  • nesbie

    its interesting….where can i inquire about
    unlimited P1,500/a year???? i want to subscribe.

    do they have business center to inquire???whats the requirements???

  • andrei

    i think this is just a myth… you can’t just access that unlimited without prior notice from the operators (ex. starbucks, seattle’s best) i mean, it’s not that easy coz you have to buy some gadgets for you to access the wireless fidelity (wi-fi) service that they are providing… you need a PCMCIA card or a wireless LAN adapter… or even a pc with built in wireless LAN… it’s gettin’ more costly isn’t it? it’s just a myth people, so don’t get fooled that easy with just a simple advertisement here or even in other sites…

  • the catch there (i think) is that there’s only a limited hotspot where you can get a signal.. not everybody can enjoy that due to location, access, and gadgetry (if there such a word).. anyway, i have a professional dsl connection at my house, and i olny use it like 2-3 hours a day, i’ll be glad to turn it on all day and let someone tap into it provided that they will provide the dish.. that is like a free well of internet..

  • If this is true, I’m in. Living in urban Metro Manila, you will most probably be living within a short walk of a starbucks. Usually.


  • lonewolf311

    actually it is possible. it just so happened that hindi pa ganung ka abante ang internet world sa pinas… this wifi na sinasabi nila di naman talga ganun.. yung dish na binabanggit nila is just a receiver which is actually correct.. at dun na natatapos ang wifi na to.. after that.. you need to plug na lan cable na siguro naman provided nila from the hub that they will provide then directly to your pc… its pretty strange to say the word wifi (correct me if i am wrong) kasi all i know is that you can use your internet connection.. kung san ka mang impyerno mag punta… but with this.. you need to stay in your home… kung wireless naman ang hinahanap natin. well ang sa tingin ko kelangan natin ng another gadget in able to have or even share the internet connection wirelessly… at dun nyo magagamit yung lan card na sinasabi natin… in the case of this product.. medyo bitin kasi yung service.. at pag sinabi kasing nationwide.. dapat bawat sulok ng pinas merong serbisyo… everything is possible regarding sa technology.. medyo atrasado lang ang tech sa atin.. im currently using a 54 mbps connection here in japan (yahoo bb)at a cost of less than 3000 pesos.. and im looking for a good internet service jan sa pinas… coz i really need that thing… yun nga lang wala pang ganito jan… meron ngang wifi wifi na sinasabi pero di naman available sa hometown ko… so bad… sana wag nilang unti untiin at gawing negosyo lang talga ang services nila.. if they all know that this technology is actually existing in this damn planet!!!

  • lonewolf311

    sorry to all…
    nag-kamali ako ng post…
    sa tingin ko possible naman.
    if they are concern with their service dapat mag try muna sila kung effective ba yung service nila… then after that… kung effective ba.. then saka sila mag takda ng price… syempre yung tama lang para sa consumer.. pero kung kaya nilang mag offer ng ganito kababang presyo ng internet service.. bakit ang mahal mahal pa rin ng singil ng iba jan.. palpak naman ang serbisyo!!!

  • What happened to this one? Still 8,000/year at the site.

    Anyway, it’s worth it at hotspots with power sockets!

  • jeffrey

    hindi ba covered ng CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT ang mga ISP’s. Sabi nila 384kbps daw at hindi bumabagal? I just got a bandwidth test of 24.4 kbps. They are giving their clients information that are decieving! Sana masilip n sila ng mag kinauukulan.


    802.11b???!!! are u crazy? that’s the slowest wifi! around 11Mbps if your lucky! So if your like 10 feet from the transceiver that 11Mbps would still suffer… Think about it… I dont even think it’s worth considering… A’yt?! Cheers


  • I think the site is outdated. They are running (g) in some/all places. But what’s the point if the DSL uplink is just 2 Mbps max?