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Unlock your iPhone 3G at GreenHills for Php10k

A tip was sent in that there were several kiosks at the GreenHills-Virramall offering to unlock the iPhone 3G for a whooping Php10,000 a pop.


Apparently, these unlockers are using the $40 Rebel SIM card to unlock the phones. The Php10,000 unlocking fee is a bit steep though.

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  • I know this one place in a mall up north that only asks for 4K for an unlock. Still, it’s a bit steep compared to regular iPhone unlocking

  • olin

    hi,friend,i’am from china. i supply 3g iphone unlock cards with good quality and low price. we produce it ourself so if you buy many the price will be very low.Please contact me to know details.
    I look forward to see your reply,hope to do business with you!

    the newest no need to cut sim


  • that’s too expensive. i got mine for cheap here…. http://mobile.brando.com.hk/prod_detail.php?prod_id=03515&dept_id=100&cat_id=1062

  • BTW, when installing these buggers, you need to be grounded or else you will be frying the unlocker microchip with static coming from your fingers… also, once installed, refrain from removing the sim from the holder to avoid frying the electronics in this chip.

  • Frozenice

    I own an iPhone 3g and using it’s wifi now. no offence but I got it unlock on my own experiment I used 3rd party sw to jailbreak it. and took me deep shit a lot of coffee and cigarette and workng brain at dawn. still under ESP and not for share. I just want to prove that it can be realy unlock and hopfuly this time no more free solution on the net as it makes hackers poor and our solutions used by profiting gluttons.btw Im using globe on at n t iphone 3g. again my only solution and it’s under my own experiment


  • frozenice – add

    but still its not stable .. im into geohot’s theory…
    i got a 1.45 bb and 2.0 fw. unlocked.


  • matikas

    As of this writing, there’s still no stable unlocking tool for iPhone 3g. Just wait for ziphone to release the latest version or buy sim unlock (I.e. Gevey 3g or rebel). I’m currently using one from China. Never trust those imbecile smuck in greenhills.

  • Frozenice


    yes there is no as of your limited knowledge. i said i unlock it on my own experiment process.. baseband on iphone 3g is that hard compared on baseband5 .. we use to do reverse engr on baseband5 so it is possible for us to get our hands on this iphone3g shyt bb..

    but then.. this will not be free release over the net. and in greenhills ?? they are using yessim to unlock iphone 3g .. what is yessim? hit google. and yessim in viramall is courtesy of me.


  • valhalla

    I’m Selling my Iphone 3G 16GB sealed in box from globe telecoms. for only 38T.
    I got this as a platinum reward from globe and no plan of using it because i’m already contented in using my N95
    you can text me at 09155927847

  • dale

    can any one tell me where i can get a iphone 3gs —
    3G-S unlocked in the philippines. im in the cebu area. thanks dale