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Update Your Samsung Galaxy Note to Android 2.3.6 Now

So did you get the Samsung Galaxy Note as a Christmas present for yourself? If you do, chances are you’re shiny, new device is still running Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. There’s nothing wrong with this firmware version really. Although if you’re used to the flawless touchscreen features of the iPhone, you’ll feel that it’s not the same with the Galaxy Note. Now, this seem to have been remedied by the software update being rolled out now for the Galaxy Note.


The firmware update began last week and was being gradually rolled out in selected markets. I wasn’t really expecting it to be rolled out sooner here in our country. But when I read from an online forum that the software update was indeed being rolled over-the-air, I immediately checked out my Galaxy Note if the update was indeed already rolling out.

To cut a long story short, I got my Galaxy Note updated to Android 2.3.6. And indeed, the scrolling feature seems to have been enhanced. I have yet to find other new features brought in by the software update. But since it’s a minor update, I’m thinking there’s not much to write about. This is just probably a customary incremental upgrade of the Galaxy Note’s OS in preparation for the roll out of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. In case you’re not reading the news, ICS will be available for the Galaxy Note this quarter.

So, if you’ve got your Galaxy Note ready, you might want to go to About Phone -> Software Update and see if the update is already there. It’s a quick download and in just a few minutes you’ll have your Galaxy Note running on Android 2.3.6. If you’ve already updated your note, please share with us what you’ve noticed with the update so far.

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  • Just check my wife galaxy ace.. and I update it already on version 2.3.6.. it seems very responsive and fast now..

  • Stu

    Would you guys know if this update would happen too for the S2?

    • Paul

      Check KIES, I already have my Galaxy SII updated to 2.3.6 (DXKL3) The phone is snappier, stronger signals and really good battery life.

      Updated mine last DEC 27. Update your KIES software on your pc then check it out

      • Paul
        • Stu

          Thanks Paul. I tried updating it in Kies… But I got this message: “Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies.” What do you think should I do? Thanks! 🙂

          • Markie

            Just upgraded my S2 to 2.3.6.You must update your Kies first (january 2012 version) in order to install new drivers in your pc.Your Kies in your pc will not prompt for firmware update. Then you can manually update. See androidadvices.com on how to do it. Its really simple to do. The procedures mentioned is not rooting your phone hence you will not lose your warranty.

  • dude

    Is this for smart activated note or unlocked versions? In checked for update and there is no update for my smart note

  • anon

    i think this is only for unlocked versions. mine also says that it’s already updated but it is under 2.3.5

  • I’m not really sure but most of those who got their Note from Smart don’t have the update yet.

    • some mobiles are updated quite late by their carrier network. Unlocked versions get the priority updates most oftenly.
      My Galaxy note is 2.3.6 since i bought it from 02…

  • Joe

    I didn’t really notice the lag in scrolling on the Note. Now that I’ve upgraded, I don’t notice much difference.

    • Before the update, I find it a tad slow when scrolling my Twitter timeline using finger swipe. Now it’s a bit better.

  • Pol

    I wouldn’t know what the new features are since I upgraded the day after I got my SG Note. hehehe 🙂 but im lovin’ my SG Note so far. Haven’t seen any flaws so far. 🙂

  • Dadamaax

    After I upgraded, I noticed that the lower right-hand side of the touchscreen becomes unresponsive. especially when it’s laid flat. I’m still asking the expert opinions of different service centers as no one else has “reported” this problem. Though some GNote users forums have members experiencing the same problem.

  • gabe

    after updating to 2.3.6 the torch light option in the accessibility menu was renamed to assistive light. also, the sgnote has a torch widget. the keypad seems to have been modified, too. the letters are smaller with larger spaces in between them, and the numbers are already shown together with the letters

  • Nin

    I bought my SG Note last week. Haven’t updated mine yet. I’m a bit worried because it shut down at two random instances– yesterday afternoon and earlier this morning… 🙁

    • Gabe

      Better return it. I have some issues with my signal being full but showing “emergency calls only” on locked screen mode. Also, after the newest update N7000DXLA1 (newer than the original post – actually just released today) i find that the homescreen is a bit laggy when going from the 7th page to the first e.g. 7 -> 1 – > 2 -> 3 etc. and vice versa. The update says more fluidity and stability.

      Btw, i am planning to have my sgnote checked at their service centers