Urbanears Humlan, the washable headphone

Urbanears has come up with a new concept in headphones. Their new Urbanears Humlan is the world’s first headphone with washable parts. If you’re the type of person who likes to keep their headphones clean and gaudy, specially with the colors you could get from Urbanears, the Humlan should fit your needs well.

Urbanears Humlan coral

With the Humlan, you can remove its headband and ear cushions and throw them into your laundry to be washed. Really handy when you chose the white Humlan.

urbanears humlan

Although it looks like a simple headphone, the Urbanears Humlan features an extra socket on the other earcup they call Zoundplug, where you can plug in another pair of headphones so you can share what you’re listening to with another person.

urbanears humlan pumpkin

Since it’s an Urbanears, the cord has an in-line microphone and remote to control your music and make calls.

Urbanears Humlan Specs:

  • 40mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Sensitivity: 100dB
  • Max Input Power: [email protected]
  • SRP: Php2,250
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  • Griswold

    neat idea. really love what urbanears are coming up with.

  • Visitor

    Where to buy? Please respond po. Is this available in egghead???

    • try the apple stores. or the urbanears store in podium.

  • Good specs for that amount…

  • I like the sleek design and very fashionable in teenager. Thank you for the info. Very affordable for the specs provided.

  • Doms

    So. About the sound quality. How was it? Also, does it have isolation and does it press too much when use for long hours?

    • Fabiana

      Well.. I just got mine, here are my first impressions:

      I mainly compared them with the Urban Ears Tanto (open back), Sony V55 (closed back) and the Audio Technica ATH M50 (closed back)

      – Look amazing! (got the cobalt blue).
      – Removable parts very easy to detach.
      – They fit very snugg and will stay on very securely (this + the washable parts make this pretty great for jogging and the sort).
      – They isolate an impressive amount of noise for what it is (they isolate much more than the V55 but not as well as the M50).
      – Zound plug is super convenient. Use it all the time.
      – Remote + Mic, a most for a portable headphone.
      – Decent bass.
      – Pretty loud.
      – Seem quite durable and the materials used seem very sturdy.
      – OK for portable use out and about.

      – Sounds muffled, kinda congested and confused. For some complex songs everything becomes a mushy mess (this of course when compared to the other two headphones. But it still sounds more muffled than the Plattan)
      – The fit is a little too tight, you’ll need to stretch them a bit or else you’ll have a headache after 30 minutes.
      – Not as light on the head as their predecessor, the Urbanears TANTO.
      – Can find A LOT better for 50 bucks.

      This is supposed to be the replacement for their mini retro on ears called the TANTO which is now discontinued apparently (you can still find it on Amazon for really cheap), which was a very light open headphone. Perfect for skyping, riding a bike, running, etc, because it let in outside noise. The HUMLAN will not let in enough sound to give you awareness of your surroundings.
      It’s a shame they stopped producing the TANTO.
      For the price or even cheaper I’d recommend the SONY MDR V55 (but they lack the remote control), or if you like the urbanears look and details, go with the PLATTAN, they run even cheaper than 44$ on amazon and the sound signature is similar but a bit better), If you’re looking for a light on ear open little headphone, I’d go with the KOSS PortaPro in a heart beat. They are dirt cheap, life time guaratee, and they even have a version with the apple controls if you can pay an extra few bucks.

      So there. Get these only if you’re going after the awesome colors, smart features like the Zoundplug of washable parts and that’s pretty much it. Sound alone isn’t really worth it in my opinion. But a nice little headphone non the less.

      • Carl

        Where did you buy your humlan?

  • After 1 years(Jan. 13 2013) nasira narin yung Urbanears Plattan ko :(–.kasi nagamit ko sya for 1 year and everyday a.k.a sulit. Nasira siya January 17 2013. Nawala na yung sounds sa right earcup. Pero for sure yung plug may sira hindi yung earcup. Sulit sya kasi araw-araw ko syang ginagamit. Pangit nga lang dito hindi sya pwedeng gamitin sa mga Symbian Phone pero may dedicated plug siya pero mabilis at nagamit ko sya for half-a-year. Ngayon naghahanap parin ako nang repair sa Urbanears ko. Sarado narin yung Urbanears Concept Store last November. So sad, I feel in love with my Urbanears Plattan