Urbanears Zinken, DJ Headphones for Php7,950

The Urbanears Zinken is a pair of headphones created with the professional DJ in mind but with the budget of a regular audiophile. It is by far the most ambitious headphone created by Urbanears and was globally launched just last July 16.

I was able to audition these headphones before it hit the shelves and was impressed with the sound quality it gives.

urbanears zinken

Some of its features include an ear cushion with increased foam density to increase the comfort factor while providing a DJ’s needed noise isolation. Yes, you can tune out to the world with these on.

turn cable

I also like their idea of a dual-purpose cable. The detachable TurnCable not only has a coiled section to give you more wiggle room without accidentally unplugging your headphone but also has two tips, a 3.5mm and a 6.3mm. One earcup has a 6.3mm port while the other one has a 3.5mm port so you don’t need to bring an adaptor or another cable just to plug the headphones into a music player or a component.

The TurnCable also has an in-line mic by the way and a single button to control your tracks or to answer calls. It works on Apple devices, BlackBerries, and Android phones.

Just like other Urbanears headphones (like the Plattan), the Zinken comes in the usual nice selection of Urbanears colors – Dark Grey, Rust, Black, White, Pumpkin, Tomato, Indigo, Grape, and Cream.

urbanears zinken white red

The Urbanears Zinken is also the most expensive product from the company the has some of the best value for money headphones in the market. At Php7,950, it’s more than half the price of their Plattan, but if you’re after a pair of DJ headphones, the price of the Zinken is in the lower spectrum for the quality it gives.

This headphone should be available within the month from Urbanears resellers. Also, Urbanears will be opening its first concept store at The Podium by the end of July.

Check out my short review of the Urbanears Zinken.

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  • Zo

    been looking for a sub for my sennheiser’s for small gigs and in-home/studio time use. will give these a look once they’re made available. 🙂

    the bland exterior can go both ways: it’s too boring for a DJ headphone OR great! I can put my own decal, make it more personalized.

    Im going for the latter 😀 thanks for the article as always!

  • Griswold

    wow that’s affordable for such quality. love urbanears btw, from their designs even to their packaging. and sound output ain’t that bad for its price either.

  • Over ear headphones are used by the DJ headphones as they have to get the good sound effect and need not to be distracted by the sound which is coming from outside. They use these kind of headphones which are easy to wear for a long time and which provides them the quality sound.