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Use Globe’s Reset calculator to compute for your iPhone 5 cash-out

One of the nice things that Globe uniquely offers to its current postpaid subscribers interested in getting an iPhone 5 is not having to worry about still being in contract.

Want to move on from that Nokia or Samsung phone but still have 4 months left in your current contract? No problem. Globe will gladly reset your contact, or let you switch to another plan, and get a discounted iPhone 5 while you’re at it.

To know how much you need to pay for that iPhone 5 when you switch to a new plan while you’re still under contract, Globe has created this handy iPhone 5 Reset Calculator.

globe iphone 5 reset calculator

Just enter your current plan, the remaining months to go, the plan you would want to avail next, and the iPhone 5 version you’re interested in, and you’ll see the cost of that iPhone and the savings you’ll get.

Of course, the lesser remaining months left on your contract and upgrading to the next plan tier entitles you to more discount on that iPhone 5. And just like all of their iPhone 5 plans, you can pay for that phone on a 24-month 0% interest scheme.


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  • jake

    hello po.. this is out of topic but still related to phones… im planning to buy kc ng iphone5, and may kilala ako na nag ooffer ng 28k for ip5 na 32 gb from europe daw and it’s 28 k dahil direct from supplier…. is this possible? i hope someone can help me… thank you in advance