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Video chat now fully integrated on Facebook

We learned about the new video chat feature on Facebook a couple of days ago and this involves going into a page and selecting a friend you wish to video chat with. Recently, I just noticed that the functionality is now incorporated on each chat window making it more accessible to users.


When you open a chat window, you will see a new video icon on the upper right part. Click on that and you will be prompted by Facebook to install this small Skype plug-in. Yep, Facebook video chat is powered by Skype and you don’t need admin rights to install this plug-in.


Once that’s done, just wait for your friend to accept the video call. Facebook made the video window very minimal, no borders whatsoever and you can drag it around and keep it on top of other windows. Video is clear and smooth which should not be surprising for Skype users. It’s a more accessible option for video calls since you don’t need to install a separate application, create a new account and add contacts just for it.

Google+ still has the advantage for having the capability to do multi-person video chat but Facebook is working on it. Now we’ll have to wait for this functionality to arrive on Facebook apps for mobile devices.

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