Virtual Drives

First there is the gdrive rumor. Now there is Orbitfiles, which allows users free 1000Mb storage space. Both Photobucket and Flickr allow users to store their photos online.

The concept of virtual drives is gaining in popularity. People are now considering storing their documents online instead of on their own local drives. But I wonder: what happens to your files if the company goes bankrupt?

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  • pinoytek

    One should read terms and conditions… (if you have the patience).

    Same question goes for web-based email!

  • same thing goes too when you switch hosting providers, do they reallly delete your account and files..? eh what if you are an e-commerce store and your clients details are in a database stored online..?

    me pera sa basura..

  • markbucayan

    i think they would allow users to download their files. for example, sa gmail, you can offload your files using pop3.

    pero to think of it, its the same scenario as when your hard disk crash. we will always need to backup those precious files wherever they may be.

  • I have heard of people who store their personal pictures or other important documents on the web without saving a copy on their local drives. So basically I am just raising people’s awareness to consider a contingency scenario if the website owner goes bankrupt.

  • pinoytek

    I think the issue is more privacy than losing the files itself. Google, for example, would have tons of security and redundancy stuff built-in to protect the integrity of data. But it’s more of what are they going to do with that data…? Wrencelot makes a good point… may pera nga sa basura 😉

  • well, you get something for free, you take the risk..