Virtual Reality with Samsung Gear VR and Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has collaborated with Oculus to introduce the first mobile Virtual Reality headset. Optimized for Galaxy Note 4, the Samsung Gear VR delivers an unrivaled viewing experience with the 5.7 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display of the Galaxy Note 4 providing stunning and engaging visuals at a mobile-leading resolution.

The Samsung Gear VR wearable device can be used wirelessly and allows users to to enjoy a wide range of film, gaming, 360 degree video, and educational/experiential content. Another reason why you might want to consider buying that Note 4.


Samsung Gear VR Specs

Gear VROptical Lens96Ëš Field of View
SensorAccelerator, Gyrometer, Magnetic, Proximity
Motion to Photon Latency< 20ms
Focal AdjustmentCovers Nearsighted / Farsighted Eyes
Interpupillary Distance Coverage55 ~ 71 mm
Physical User InterfaceTouch Pad, Back Button, Volume Key
ConnectionmicroUSB 1.1 connection to the Galaxy Note 4
Dimension (Headset)198(W) x 116(L) x 90(H)mm
ContentsAvailable through Oculus Store
microSD Card(16GB) in-box: A collection of 360-degree videos and 3D movie trailers from major studios will be pre-loaded.
Marvel’s Avengers; Age of Ultron offers Samsung Gear VR users to have exclusive access to Tony Stark’s Lab inside the all new Avengers Tower.
IMAX offers samples of Hollywood and documentary films in a virtual theatre with Samsung Gear VR ? the next best thing to a live IMAX experience.
DreamWorks VR from DreamWorks Animation allows Samsung Gear VR users to interact and laugh with DreamWorks characters and content in a whole new way like never before.
Legendary’s Pacific Rim Jaeger Pilot is an immersive content experience that puts viewers at center of the action with Samsung Gear VR.
Cirque du Soleil Media presents a 360 live-action 3D VR experience, featuring an act from Zarkana filmed by Felix & Paul Studios for Samsung Gear VR.
M-GO Advanced, a new paradigm for digital video VR applications, offers an unmatched interactive search and discovery experience with Samsung Gear VR.
Vevo offers more than 100,000 HD music videos, live concert events and original programming can be enjoyed in an immersive, full-screen theater experience on Samsung Gear VR.
Protocol Zero (working title) from DENA offers Samsung Gear VR players to infiltrate enemy grounds undetected in blackout conditions with hi-tech optics including night vision, X-ray vision, and thermal vision.
Qualcomm Vuforia connects the physical world with digital experiences to demand attention, drive engagement and deliver value through a mobile vision platform that enables apps to see with Samsung Gear VR.
Galaxy Note 4Display5.7 inch (143.9mm) Quad HD Super AMOLED (2560 x 1440)
Camera (Pass-Through)High Frame Rate Preview (60fps)
Audio3D Spatial Sound on Samsung VR Player for VR Gallery contents (Earphone needed)
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  • Adam Smart

    I really want this the second it is released!

    Anyone have any ideas when here in the Philippines?

    • natzVR

      In our samsung ph website…Finally they are promoting it…They might release it next month. and dont forget to vote.